April 2018 HOA Meeting Minutes

April 2018 HOA Meeting Minutes

Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah 
  1. Open the meeting 2109
    1. Members in attendance: Brad, Kyler, Jack, Tom, Frank
  2. Review financials and budget 2109-2115
    1. Action item – have the budget to review each meeting in the future – talk to Kenny about this
  3. Open forum for all in attendance 2115-2138
    1. Discussion about replacement of trees and consulting an arborist in the future
    2. A community member (Nathalie) will send an email with the trees that have definitely died.
    3. Discussion regarding the placement of a fence in order to access a community members house. Proposal is for fence to be placed at a 45 degree angle.
      1. New Action Item – Frank and the homeowners will ask the post office about the possibility of moving the mailbox at the corner to the area where the electrical boxes are or somewhere else. 
    4. Corner cutting from kids on corner lots- possibilities include bushes or some other obstacle
  4. Follow up on action items 2138-2205
    1. CC&R voting progress update 
    2. 170 votes total -  9 no’s, 10 incompletes, 151 yes’s
    3. Discussion about going door to door or approaching the people we personally know.
      1. New Action Item - Email the link to Nathalie so she can post it up to the community Facebook page. Brad will email with Amy Gifford and Amanda Miner.
      2. New Action Item – Have Kenny start the audit and put the names in the Google Sheet
        1. We will first text the people we know and encourage them to vote
        2. Next plan is to go door-to-door
    4. CEC items
      1. New Action Item – buy eggs this year that are heavily discounted – Brad will email Amanda Miner 
      2. Youth Activity is tentatively May 31st – verify location on website changed to Spider Web Park and verify time
      3. New Action Item – Email Amanda to figure out the details
  5. Landscape 2205-2232
    1. Action Item from last meeting – quote for removing the branch piles
      1. Renewed Item – Have Kenny finish getting the bid – include the wood chips. Kenny will also follow up with Nick to see if he could get more material out of the creek at its current level.
      2. New Action Item – Kenny will get more cage material for the trees along the creek.
    2. Action Item from last meeting – reaching out to stakes and wards for service project 
      1. 2nd Ward 11 yr old Service Project
    3. Action Item from last meeting – waders purchased and storage location found. See Vice President for information.
    4. Discussion on how to handle Dogipot waste
      1. The trash bins fill up too much and we can’t use the church location anymore.
      2. New Action Item - Suggest to those who pick up the waste an additional trash can
    5. Adding drainage at points near backyards – not an HOA issue
    6. Removing dangerous trees and limbs
      1. New Action Item – Tom will check on whether John at Prime Designs will do this as part of his service
    7. Question about adding trees and shrubs on common area – there is no approval for making any modifications to HOA area.
  6. Architectural concerns - 2033
  7. Verify next meeting schedule - 2034
    1. 7:00 pm (1900) Tuesday May 8, 2018
  8. Executive session - 2036-2042
  9. Minutes Approved - 2101
  10. Meeting adjourned - 2101


Final Version of the CC&Rs to Approve

Final draft of the CC&Rs to approve

Each owner of a home or townhome is requested to vote on the CC&Rs. In order to vote a ballot must be completed and returned. K&R Premier Property Management emailed a ballot created with Hello Sign to every owner to which we had an email address. Click the link in that email to sign this digitally. If we did not have an email then a paper copy was sent to the owners residence.

Sign ballot electronically

Use the search tool to find emails from K&R Premier Property and you'll find the ballot. Find the latest email from them and click the link to fill out the ballot.

Physically sign the ballot

If you cannot find the email you may open/print this PDF and sign it and email a picture of the signed ballot to board@springcreekranchhoa.com.

Link to ballot

Link to CC&Rs

Changes to CC&Rs

Several people have requested to know what the major changes are between the current CC&Rs and what we are proposing. Here is a list of changes.

  1. The townhomes can receive a reinvestment fee, paid by the purchaser, when a townhome is sold (5.19(4)).
  2. Sets guidelines for the Townhome Committee in determining dues as well as stipulations for handling the dues should the guidelines not be followed (6.1 of the Bylaws).
  3. Removing all language requiring us to pay the developer to take care of the land by the creek. (Necessary to change since the HOA now owns the land by the creek).
  4. Clearly defining the relationship of the townhomes and single unit homes.
  5. Properly aligned responsibility for townhome expenses to be covered by townhome owners.
  6. Bring the CC&Rs in line with current legislation, such as electronic communication and voting, solar regulations, reinvestment fees, etc.
  7. Reduce powers, and set regulations regarding the Board’s access to lots and residences.
  8. Allow for owning chickens according to current Lehi City guidelines.
  9. Allow vehicle maintenance in the driveway if not left overnight.
  10. Require owner approval for capital improvement expenses over $10,000
  11. Cohesive language throughout instead of the copy and paste from other CC&R documents.


March 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Spring Creek HOA meeting 3/6/2018

Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open the meeting 1903
  2. Members in attendance: Jack, Kyler, Tom, Kenny, Frank, Brad 1903
  3. Review financials and budget 1904-1910
  4. Open forum for all in attendance 1910-1915
    1. Graffiti discussion
      1. The old graffiti is on a jointly owned section of wall
      2. Once it warms up the HOA will take care of our section of wall
  5. Follow up on action items 1915-2030
    1. CC&R progress update 
      1. Discussion regarding reinvestment fee wording in Section 5.1 - the wording in most recent has been changed to reintegrate the allowance for townhomes to have a different amount for the fee. Discussion followed about how increases would affect how much of each fee would go to each party, and also how the fees would be spent.
        1. Action item - Have attorney update CC&Rs - we will limit the possible changes for reinvestment fees so that it can only change once a year and come into effect January 1st.
      2. Discussion regarding whether or not we should be putting reinvestment fees entirely into the reserve before being spent elsewhere.
        1. Motion for vote - who is ok with the wording in the CC&Rs as they stand
          1. Brad, Kyler, Tom for the motion
          2. Jack and Frank against
    2. CEC items discussion 2030-2037
      1. Easter egg hunt at 9 AM instead of 10 AM 
    3. Landscape 2037-2044
      1. Progress with the creek and follow up for debris removal for sections already cleaned
        1. Need to pay landscaper (Nick) additional amount to remove branch piles to the dump. Action item - get a quote for removing these piles
      2. Landscaper couldn't go into the water and so some debris is still remaining in the creek. Beaver dams have been removed down to the final bridge.
      3. Progress with removing dangerous trees and limbs
        1. Piles of debris and wood chippings still remain. 
        2. For wood chippings we can open it up to community
      4. Action item - reach out to the local Stake and Wards in order to see if we can get a service project together for clearing out the creek. 
      5. Motion to purchase waders for clearing creek, not to exceed $150 maximum
        1. All in favor - motion passed
    4. Discussion of how to approach homeowners about throwing weeds and grass clippings over their back fence or down the creek bank – verify we took actions required
    5. Bids for area north of Grey Goose Pavilion
      1. Review of concrete work estimation
        1. We will wait and do all the work on this area at one time
        2. Putting playground with swings in place for smaller kids - insurance would increase by $500 - this discussion will be later.
    6. Discussion about motion detecting lights
      1. Some of the locations have power and some could be solar 
        1. Initial placement could be Grey Goose Pavilion and Skylark Park.
      2. Possible placement along some of the streets - these would mostly be concrete mounted upright posts with solar panels.
    7. Need to consider trimming some of the trees along the trails.
  6. Discussion for a bike pump track 2110- 2125
    1. This would be an all-dirt track with ramps for bikes - it would be a better area for older kids to use. None in favor of proceeding.
  7. Architectural concerns
  8. Any other questions/concerns 
  9. Verify next meeting schedule - April 3rd 2018 at the Harmons in Traverse Mountain
  10. Executive session 2230
  11. Minutes approved 2230
  12. Meeting adjourned 2235
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