June 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Open the meeting – 1900
  2. Attendance – Brad, Jack, Kyler, Kenny, Frank 1900
  3. Introduction of Townhome Committee 1909-1919
    1. Review of issues specific to townhomes including parking lot work and issues being included in the newsletter
  4. Follow up on action items 1920-1930
    1. Recommendation from arborist about trees is to use similar to existing trees except maples
    2. Landscaper notified about getting path cleared from tree limbs so bikes can pass
    3. Townhomes informed about making just one check 
    4. Inspection schedule – Brad in June, Jack in July, Frank in August
    5. CEC items – Successful end of year water fight, age group was expanded last minute
    6. Replacing posts in Tennis Court, deposit has been made so that we’ll be in July or August
  5. Landscape 1930-1940
    1. Removing branch piles, no firm time and alternate options explored, to be discussed July
    2. Bid comparison with the wood chips
    3. Review of removing more from the creek at its current level
  6. Architectural concerns 1941-1948
    1. Discussion about architectural review process, including items that need city approval
  7. Open forum for all in attendance 1948-1952
    1. Road maintenance discussed and weed control in certain areas. This is mainly a city issue.
    2. Additional trash can provided for those taking care of dog poop
  8. Review Financials and Budget 19:52-20:03
    1. We have sufficient funds for CEC items, under budget on landscape
    2. Reserve study conducted and reviewed
  9. Next meeting agenda items 20:04-20:05
  10. Verify next meeting schedule 2205 – July 10, 2018 at 7 pm, at Harmons
  11. Executive session


New CC&Rs Approved

By way of announcement, voting on the new CC&Rs, Bylaws and Amended Articles of Incorporation has closed, the tally has been made and the new CC&Rs passed, receiving more than than the 67% of homeowner approval needed. They are effective as of May 14th when they were officially notarized and recorded.

The CC&Rs on the website have been updated and you can download a copy for yourself or read them on the website at any time, here.

Thank you to all those of you who spent many hours reviewing these and providing feedback either through email, text, phone call or in person at the many meetings we had to discuss them over the last year. We are now better prepared to handle the current and future needs of this community and maintaining the wonderful neighborhood we live in.

May 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Open the meeting 1900
    1. In attendance, Brad, Jack, Frank, Kyler (Tom absent) 1900
  2. Tom Butler resigned and new landscape chair is needed
  3. Follow up on action items 1900-1930
    1. Review Action Item concerning fence location and post office box
    2. Review Action Item concerning trees that have definitely died
    3. CC&R voting progress update - the CC&Rs have been successfully voted on and are approved by the city.
      1. Decision - Inspection Schedule: May - Kyler, June - Brad, July - Jack
    4. CEC items
      1. Decision - Youth Activity scheduled May 31st, possible fire truck
      2. 4th of July - make it emphasized more in the newsletter. 
    5. Tennis Court Discussion
      1. Voted on the red outside, with green on the inside – unanimously approved 
  4. Landscape 1930-1958
    1. Community Cleanup Discussion - Melodee
      1. Discussion about how to clean up various areas in the HOA, with HOA support
    2. Removing branch piles
    3. Decision - $200 approved so that Kenny can put more cages up – unanimously approved.
  5. Architectural concerns 1958-2022
    1. Discussion of current requirements are for pergolas
  6. Open forum for all in attendance 2022-2022
  7. Review Financials and Budget 2022-2030
  8. Next steps (house rules, schedule of fines, approvals) 2036-2101
  9. Next meeting agenda items 2101-2107
  10. Verify next meeting schedule for Thursday June 14, 2018
  11. Executive session

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