April 2017 HOA Board Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Meeting 4/13/17
Location: Harmon's conference room, Lehi, Utah

  1. Open the meeting (19:07)
    • Members in attendance: Brad Smith, Jack Buckley, Amy Gifford, Dan Smederovac and Frank Evans (arrived late)
  2. Review financials and budget (19:07-19:12)
  3. Review minutes from last meeting (19:12-19:22)
    • Approved by all members
  4. Open forum for all in attendance (19:18-19:44)
  5. Follow up on action items (19:44-20:15)
    • New locks/new doors for tennis courts - Brad Smith. Action item again for next HOA meeting
    • Spring Creek Ranch Road sidewalk, when is it scheduled for completion? - Kenny Wilson says to be done April 2017, weather permitting
    • Care of land along stream - follow up on meeting on Feb. 10, 2017 - Dan Smederovac - Creek is getting started with cleanup in phases, worked on a strategy to getting creek cleaned up
    • CC&Rs and Bylaws - Given to committee on March 31, 2017
  6. Community planning and budget review (20:15-20:29)
    • What events are we wanting to host as an HOA? Events chosen: Easter egg hunt, Independence Day (CEC only requested money for prizes), Ice cream social, community clean up, and Halloween fun run. $440 spent on egg hunt, $560 remaining ($400 needed for ice cream social). Action item: CEC to get us a budget on what items they need for 4th of July. June meeting agenda to discuss Halloween fun run
  7. Creek and Spring Creek cleanup discussion and planning (20:29-20:45)
    • How many dumpsters do we want to do? 3 dumpsters, with 2 dumpings. 1st week in May for doing it. All HOA members agree with 3 dumpsters and date. City over the trails, discussion about going to City meeting.
    • Will we have two separate times for these events or combine them? No. The dumpsters will be the 1st week of May, the cleanups will be multiple times this summer. Action item: Create a plan for clean up of creek, get it to HOA board by April 30, 2017.
    • Budget for this event? Dan will get back with us on money needs
  8. Architectural chair concerns - moved to Executive session
  9. Audit discussion (20:45-21:08)
    • Kenny Wilson discussion leader about yearly audit per our CC&Rs, CPA firm charges $5,000 for a single year review and $6,500 for a two year review. Suggested to get a committee together to do the audit ourselves. It was last done in 2014. Action item: Brad Smith to contact a few people in his area to see if they are willing to be part of this committee. All members: ask around and make contact with at least 2 people, motion by the board to do this and follow up in June.
  10. Emailing and newsletter discussion (21:08-21:24)
    • Working to change all paper newsletters to email version to be sent each month. Brad Smith has been emailing and contacting all members of community being sent paper mailings.
    • Brad Smith went over website newsletter and what we would like to include in that. Action item: Amy Gifford to post on Facebook that we have a new website with user friendly features.
  11. Schedule reserve study (21:24-21:35)
    • $1000 to get it done by January 2018 with previous company. State of Utah is requiring it. Takes 7-10 weeks. Action item: Get with Casey Fuller to give sample of reserve studies he has done in the past, Kenny Wilson to get the board that information. Complex solutions, has done our reserve study in the past. Action item for Kenny Wilson: to get bid from Complex Solutions.
  12. Verify next meeting schedule (21:35-21:40)
    • June meeting: June 15, Thursday, Next meetings: August 24, November 9. Every other month for now
  13. Meeting adjourned (21:40)
  14. Executive session (21:40-21:50)

February 2017 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Meeting 2/9/17
Location: Harmon's Conference Room, Lehi, Utah

  1. Open the meeting (19:18)
    • Members in attendance: Brad Smith, Jack Buckley, Amy Gifford, Frank Evans and Dan Smederovac
  2. Review Financials and budget (19:18-19:32)
  3. Review minutes from last meeting (19:32-19:35)
    • Revisions needed, revisions done, approved by all board members
  4. Open forum for all in attendance (none)
  5. New Website (19:35-20:28)
    1. Email updating - what everyone needs to do
    2. Online ARC approval process down
    3. Review website and give commentary
  6. Landscaping (20:28-21:10)
    1. Clean up plan of new property and putting it into action - Dan meeting with Prime Design (current landscaper) Feb. 10, 2017 to discuss care of new property along stream
    2. Tennis court resurfacing, new nets - decided by board members to wait until 2018, use the money in reserves for that towards landscaping needs, motion made and all members voted yes.
    3. 1st priority is going to be focused on clean-up of creek, motion made, all members voted yes. We do not intend to use all the budget on this. 2nd priority is wetlands, 3rd priority is powerline drainage.
    4. Need for new door locks/new doors for tennis courts - Brad Smith agrees to investigate different locks and will present at next HOA meeting.
    5. New cement for crosswalk on Spring Creek Ranch Road - motion made to do it as soon as possible. Brad Smith, Dan Smederovac and Amy Gifford voted yes, Jack Buckley opposed, Frank Evans withheld from voting.
  7. HOA Items of business (21:10-21:24)
    1. CC&R and Bylaws redraft discussion - all members agree to have read through and put commentary, give to Brad Smith by March 1, 2017.
    2. Getting this information to the committee and giving deadline, March 1st.
    3. Reserve fund financing. Motion made to put $1,500 a month, retroactive to January, to reserve funds during 2017 year. All members voted yes.
  8. Next meeting (21:24-21:35)
    • Next meeting in April. April 13, 2017, 7pm, Harmon's in Lehi. June meeting tentatively June 22. August 24. November 9. Every other month for now. 
  9. Meeting minutes reviewed and approved by all members and meeting adjourned (21:35)


New Website and Email Addresses


Welcome to the new website of Spring Creek Ranch. Our design is mobile responsive so please, add this to your home screen for easy reference.

"Why would I do that?" you ask. Because this site is now useful! It is designed to be the main communication platform between the community and the board. Basically, it is the place to contact the board with questions and for the board to notify the community of things. You probably didn't know this but the board has a policy of not commenting on Facebook posts, as those conversations can tend to get out of hand and are usually individual issues and not issues that are for the whole community. The board members are happy to talk to any of our community members about their concerns. However, the appropriate venue to discuss these issues is by contacting us directly through email or at a board meeting. So if you have ever wondered why the board hasn't commented on discussions that get pretty heated, now you now why. You also now know the proper way to raise those issues and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns about making our community a great place to live.

The website is also the place where potential residents can find more information about the neighborhood. We hope it helps make the neighborhood more attractive to potential new residents.

So please, check it out and let us know if you find it helpful, or what would be helpful to have on it.

What you'll find

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