May 2009 HOA Meeting

May 11, 2009
  1. Weekly drivethrough should be arranged ahead of time by REMS.  They will make arrangements ahead of time for the drive around.
  2. Shaanta will email all the notes from the drive around to Kenny and he will forward.  Kenny will send everyone’s emails to Shaanta.
  3. We might have a meeting with REMS’ attorney to clarify sheds, violations, etc.  Should we be considering sanctions of prior violations etc?  or just let it go
  4. Late HOA fees can be sent to collections and Liens placed on the homes as a motivational point.
  5. Shaanta will verify management fees whether they are per door, or per lot, or the actual fees incurred as a management company.
  6. Shaanta will verify all late dues and make an effort to verify when and why the dues are late and also allow homeowners the opportunity to verify any payments they feel have been paid.  Otherwise late fees and liens will be made
  7. A “unit” means a home for the management firm REMS, likewise with the quail run section.
  8. Discrepancy of 2 or 3 years for REMS contract will be verified and agreed upon by the board.  Possible redraft and better definition of what “unit” means.
  9. We will get statement monthly for the board ONLY
  10. Kelly Edwards contract will be reviewed.
  11. All agree that except for landscaping, all invoices are paid after services are rendered, never in advance.  Payments will not be made without invoice and proper billing.
  12. Our concern is primarily money, if we cant manage the money, we cant manage anything.
  13. Shaanta feels that June 30, 2009 is the cutoff date for any ‘grace” period for any outsanding dues.
  14. Shaanta is pursuing all late charges and anything over $300 outstanding will be sent to collections.  She is pulling county records etc to verify, they have 10 days grace, and then collections are taken.
  15. We feel that making an RFP for our subdivision with regards to the landscaping will be appropriate for next years’ contract.
  16. Kenny will send all action items to REMS for followup and action items.
  17. Dave Wilkey will work with Kelly to find all shutoffs etc. throughout and mark on a master map for record.
  18. Dave Webb  and Troy VanKommen are on the maintenance committee.  Alternate will be called only if necessary and if workload requires it.

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