May 4, 2009 HOA Meeting

May 4, 2009   Spring Creek HOA Board Meeting Minutes
  1. Landscape Committee:  Dave Wilkey will contact 2 neighbors to be on the committee
    1. Ensure Kelly is maintaining property
    2. Look for ways to improve the neighborhood
    3. Develop a plan as to what the landscape committee will be responsible for
  2. Voted on the Architectural Committee
    1. Team will include: Job Streckland, Jeremy Moser, and Jared Wilson as an alternate.
    2. Dave needs a plot plan from individuals planning on building sheds.  He will make duplicates of these plans.
    3. Obtain a Spring Creek stamp for documents
    4. Verify w/Ryan if plastic sheds should be approved
    5. Voted and approved the 10x12 shed for Randel Hilde
    6. 12x16 will be the size limit for sheds, but this will not be advertised. 9 foot height limit
    7. Dave will continue to bring plans to the board until rules are solidified.
    8. Dave will draft a disclaimer stating that the architectural items are acceptable under Spring Creek’s terms, but these do not supersede any authority from the city.  Building permits may still need to be obtained.
  3. Budget - We all have multiple questions regarding the budget and use of funds.  Each line item needs to be discussed w/Shaanta in detail.  We briefly reviewed some of the line items such as the conservation fund, utilities, website, sprinkler charges, etc.  Multiple questions arose regarding all of the charges.  Need clarification from REMS.
  4. Kenny Wilson will contact Ryan Barker regarding the following items:
    1. Spring Creek stamp for Dave Johnson to use on plot plans
    2. Will we be approving plastic for sheds?
    3. Is Ryan maintaining the website?  Is he still going to be mailing the newsletter?  What is the website charge for?
    4. See if Ryan can meet with Dave Johnson
    5. Obtain Eric Gotburg’s contact info (Salisbury)
  5. Kenny Wilson will also:
    1. Contact Shaanta to set up a time to meet within the next 7-10 days
    2. Convert files to PDF
    3. Review REMS contract.
Next Meeting
Bring questions for REMS
Request a budget audit for 2008 to ensure that the charges = services
Review 2009 budget, item by item
Discuss exactly who is handling the money
Review contract for landscaping
Discuss REMS contract
Request a list of notices that have been sent out, along with the date, address, and number of violations
Request a monthly account of the money

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