July 2009 HOA Meeting

Orders of business:  Spring Creek HOA meeting, July 13, 2009
  1. Should owners be paying $35 instead of $20 regardless of building?
    1. Community feels that should be the case. Board approves Effective September 1st billing.
    2. How many written warnings until someone gets towed for parking violation.
      1. City street, city towing.  No jurisdiction to tow.  No authority to do anything.  Review city ordinances for clarification on timeframe
      2. Comments on REMS, concerns, complaints?
        1. They are improving, Brad’s Knowledge is an asset.
        2. Should the Board approve reduced dues for pre-payment?  One thought was 1 month free for a year in advance.
          1. Motioned and approved that the board will have the right to make a determination on what incentives will be provided.
          2. Should we go to quarterly billing?  What discount will REMS provide us MONTHLY to do this?
            1. Brad from REMS thinks monthly works fine.
            2. Should we form committees to help the community: Mosquito abatement, UDOT, Activities, etc.  Are there any other committees that should exist?
              1. Sister Wilkey wanted to work on mosquito abatement.
              2. Maybe put something in the next newsletter, ask for volunteers, maybe even a communications committee.  Emergency preparedness committee.
              3. Ideas and volunteers were requested by the board.
              4. Weeds, reasonable timeframe to remove?
                1. Check with the city for ordinances as a fire hazard and concern.  1st letter is warning, 2nd is warning, 3rd letter is $200 fine, this is a fire hazard.  Letters are mailed every two weeks.
                2. How long until fines are issued, should they be weekly, monthly? This includes ANY violation.
                  1. Violations for lots with homes:1st letter is warning, 2 weeks later 2nd letter is sent warning that 10 days are left to remedy or $50 fine will be charged.
                  2. Weeds on EMPTY lots:  1st letter is warning, 2 weeks 2nd letter is warning, 2 weeks later fine of $200 for empty lots 3rd letter and then additional fines.
                  3. REMS sends violation letters every 2 weeks.  All warnings come with a 10 day grace period to remedy the violation before further action is required.  Therefore even on letters where fines are warned, owner has 10 days to remedy before fine is enforced to remedy violation.
                  4. We need to address all landscaping concerns next meeting.
                  5. Does the architectural committee feel that minimal foundation variations cause drainage issues?
                    1. Skipped, unimportant and out of our scope of control
  2. REMS shall provide our quarterly TAX ROLL from the county.
    1. Yes, they will find out how and provide it.
  3. Liens placed on properties after 30, 60, 90 days? skipped
  4. Notices of interest… Less than $100 for ALL units?  Vote?  CC&Rs filed against all lots too.
  5. Send a hard copy to brad and get it done. Once done, approve it then authorize REMS to record it.
  6. Should balconies be allowed?  (Remember quail run has several balconies) If so, what are some reasonable requirements for them?  Contact with the city was recommended.
    1. Architectural committee needs to meet and discuss this in some detail and agree on minimum requirements etc.
    2. Architectural committee needs to discuss how much involvement they want to have in deck requirements.
  7. Fronts of homes should be well kept with no toys, equipment, signs, or the like.
    1. Warning that violations can be fined.
  8. Should fines be placed on violators of shed requirements?  Timeframe?  Amount of fine.
    1. Yes, to be discussed at future meeting.
  9. Salisbury statement from Dave Johnson about Plat H homes.
  10. Complaints and issues, who to contact and how?  What is the proper procedure to notify board and REMS of violations and concerns?
    1. Need to have REMS email my email address to the community springcreekhoapresident@gmail.com
  11. Pavilion reservations or first come first served?
    1. Kenny has a calendar and has reserved them in the past.  Email will suffice, it is checked daily.
  12. Monthly accounts receivable statement?  Aged receivables?  What has to be done to get REMS to follow through on their commitments?
    1. Shaanta and Brad have assured us they will provide them
  13. Tennis courts, slides, etc.
    1. Please remember that parents are responsible for their children and can be required to repair damage caused.
  14. Plot H hasn’t received anything from REMS.  Jeremy Pexton.
    1. a. Brad and Shaanta have agreed to make COMPLETE contact with Plot H homeowners.
  15. We need  REMS to contact Provo Land Title, for Salisbury to let them know they are expected to provide ALL homeowners with construction guidelines, CC&Rs, etc so they are aware of the governing rules.
    1. Brad and Shaanta have agreed to do so.
  16. Find a way to notify new owners about their responsibilities.
    1. Someone suggested a checklist for the title companies.
  17. Contact city about Flagpole requirements.\
    1. Community has requested the right to have flagpoles, Arch committee will review city policies and develop guidelines for proper implementation and requirements too, like well lit flags.
  18. The need to explain the accounting discrepancies from the previous management company in the next newsletter.
    1. REMS is working on it.
  19. Can we provide power somehow to the pavilion?
    1. Maybe volunteer supplies etc from community, Robert Hunter made suggestion
    2. Dave Johnson will provide drawing for bids, Robert Hunter will work on getting bids..
  20. Contact with city about yield, children at play, and stop signs.
    1. Kenny will do this.
    2. We also recommended that homeowners contact the city personally to create more of a voice for the community.

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