August 2009 HOA Meeting

Orders of Business: Spring Creek HOA Board Meeting August 3, 2009
  1. We will take nominations for secretary at the next community meeting.
  2. Concerns mentioned about community conservation fees, etc that are being paid.
    1. Invoice should be itemized so that HOA is aware of all costs.
    2. Community should be aware that the developer is taking money out of the working fund.
    3. We would like to have something done as far as a “conservation” effort, something to validate the expense.
    4. Dave Johnson spoke with Sam Fonoimoana and Carlton Hinton about their willingness to take over the management of the HOA.
      1. Both have submitted resumes.
      2. Dave Johnson will make contact with both applicants.
      3. They were called during the meeting:    Message left with Sam about meeting Tuesday, August 4, 2009.  We will wait for a return call.  5pm
      4. Sam will show at 5pm 8/4/09 kenny’s home for interview.
      5. Carlton was called by Dave J  showed up that evening and interviewed.
      6. Dave Johnson moved that we put REMS on a 30 day notice for termination of contract as of September 10, 2009 due to REMS lack of contractual obligations not being fulfilled by REMS.
        1. Dave Wilkey seconded the movement
        2. All approved and agreed.
        3. Kenny Wilson will write a letter and put REMS on notice.
        4. Contact needs to be made with Quail Run regarding their fence sinking into the ground.
          1. Kenny emailed Terry Tidwell
          2. Awaiting reply
            1. Notice of interest?
            2. Has brad filed them?
            1. Why has there been no contact regarding the notices of interest as promised by Brad.
            2. Who is the HOA insurance company and agent, what are the coverages, liability amounts, etc
              1. Contact Brad at REMS for all information.
              2. Kenny contacted Brad, no response
              3. Why aren’t weekly drive throughs being arranged as agreed with Shaanta and REMS.
                1. Request that Shaanta provide FULL documentation of all drives, when, and who was attending the drive around.
                2. Document all notices made.
                3. Contact with city about yield, children at play, and stop signs.
                  1. Kenny will do this.
                  2. We also recommended that homeowners contact the city personally to create more of a voice for the community.
  3. Shaanta needs to collect on Salisbury’s new lots, plot I, I believe.  He has voting rights, therefore he needs to pay his HOA dues.  Starting with August billing.
    1. Kenny will contact Shaanta about handling the issues.
    2. Salisbury recorded 19 lots in Plat I in August, REMS will begin collection of dues.
  4. Dave Johnson wants an ACCURATE aged accounts receivable, as requested monthly since the homeowners took over the HOA obligations.
  5. Dave Johnson will prepare tentative offer letter for manager of HOA when REMS is replaced due to failure to comply with contractual obligations and lack of performance to minimum standards.
  6. Contact Robert Hunter about pavilion bids for electrical work.
    1. Kenny Dropped of sheet for bids.
    2. Statements were not sent out for July 2009 by REMS.  Payments weren’t received in a timely manner bc of this.

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