November 2009 HOA Meeting

November 6, 2009 Board Meeting
  1. LDS church is being billed and shouldn’t be motion that it be removed from billing as intended by declarant.
    • Voted and approved
  2. Give REMS the floor about billing, letters, and their procedures for informing homeowners.
    • 90 days delinquent, attorney, etc for collections
    • REMS will provide recommended procedures via email by November 20th.
  3. Speak about $35 fee for lot owners. Get community input, advice, and feelings. Dave Wilkey mentioned at least a breakeven for costs involved. ($10 conservation, $7 REMS contract, $14 a month for landscaping and common area maintenance: This totals $31 monthly for breakeven costs.) What is the community input about the $35 fee, since if it is lowered, they will be paying the difference for lot owners. (article 5.4 cc&rs) (This does not include insurance or utilities, etc.)
    • Review the bylaws for article 6.3 provisions.
    • Once a determination has been made, we can retroact if necessary.
  4. REMS –Gary lot #148, 173,other lot owners are concerned about the billing. Brad spoke his concerns and shepherded the conversation.
  5. Landscaping: Dave Wilkey make proposal that November through March will not count as “months” as mentioned in the landscaping standards and that we change the verbiage in the landscaping standard to within “3 months from closing” from “6 months from start of construction”
    • Motioned
    • Extension on ALL homes for landscaping was extended through June 30, 2010 regardless of closing date.
    • Change to landscaping requirements were not changed, only an extension was granted
  6. Nominations about secretary. Any nominations or suggestions?
    • Terry Webb volunteered to complete calendar year until annual meeting as secretary.
    • Voted and accepted for duration of fiscal year.
  7. Give EVERYONE 3 months more for yards to be installed. So, June 30th as final date for yard. Motion: accepted.
  8. All fencing to be tan vinyl. Work with neighbors to come to an agreement.
    • Motion: refer to the city requirements. Must follow Lehi city requirements. Vinyl or aluminum
  9. Satellite dishes. Where should they be located within reason?
    • Inconspicuous without board approval per cc&r 8.6
    • Board will review specific cases and handle accordingly.
    • All letters regarding satellite dishes are to be disregarded.
  10. Garbage cans, should there be a grace period for side fences to hide garbage cans. The board proposes a 3 month period from closing. We intend to speak with contractors that can install, if they will do work into the winter, and exception for November through March will not necessarily be granted.
    • 90 days voted and granted.
    • Garbage cans must be concealed in a garage, or the side of the home until February 6, 2010 (can be in view until February)
    • Homeowners have until February 6, 2010 to have side fence installed or garbage cans must be located behind house out of sight after February date.
  11. 20 minutes for Comments, concerns, etc. Introductions and 2 minute timeframes. New information?
  12. Electrician bids for the pavilion. We had an approval to get the work done. Does anyone know any electricians, etc that can provide bids?
    • Dave Johnson will scan to pdf and make available to email plans for bids.
    • Community input was positive for adding power to the pavilion on Grey Goose.
  13. Remember online registration for billing etc from REMS.
    • Brad spoke about it.
    • Bills not showing online, brad will investigate the issues.
  14. Notices of interest? REMS update?
    • Max $400, has not been acted upon. Board determination.
    • For less than $400 according to board motion and approval, they will do the best they can in as quick a timeframe.
  15. We are thinking about prepayment benefits, ie, 1 month free for full year prepayment. Thoughts.
    • Community input was positive.
    • Much investigation into benefits and costs and implementation must be made before a decision can be finalized.

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