November 2009 HOA Meeting

Meeting Notes
Shauna will look into notices of interest for the Title company. What is necessary for the document to include, be sure there is a notice for every lot that is currently owned or will be owned.
Item 8.12 in CC&R’s
All fencing must be approved by the architecture committee. The Board voted on and approved a motion that all fencing must match fencing that is currently in the development: tan vinyl, black iron or the stamped concrete may be used. Fencing should also meet city codes which state that fencing should be no higher than 6ft in back yards and no higher than 4 feet in front yards.
HOA Fees
The board reviewed CC&R 6.3 regarding increase on lots without homes concern; voted on and approved a motion to maintain $35 monthly assessment maximum per unit as provided in CC&R 6.3 through 2010. This will be payable by all lots, with homes or without homes.
Items for Kenny
  1. Find out who does the budget for 2010 – Is it us or REMS?
  2. Find out about the 2 or 3 year discrepancy in the REMS contract. Should be 2 years
  3. Contact REMS to get financial statement by the 2nd of December so we can make decisions on snow removal at our next meeting.
  4. REMS to add a memo to next billing statement to add items to the agenda for the annual meeting. Agenda items need to be to the board by December 20th.

Landscaping on Lot 205
Kenny will speak with the Bodily family about the grass they had planted. It has been agreed by the board that the Bodily family will continue to take care of the grass that has been planted until they put up a fence on their property. If/when the decide to put up a fence, the forfeit the grass that is on HOA property.
Landscape Committee
We need to get 2 more bids for landscaping. Go over all the trails and gardens that need to be maintained. Explain detail off the Scope of Work from the Higher Grounds bid. We want a more quantifiable amount of work to be done.
Snow Removal
Need to get bids for Snow Removal. We would like to have a contract for the park’s parking lot and sidewalk, and trails throughout the community.
We need to find out if the bid will be hourly, or per push. Create a map with the areas that need to be focused on.
Annual Meeting
Shauna will arrange use of the church for the meeting. Aiming to hold it on Friday, January 15th from 7:00 to probably 9:00.
We will solicit items for the agenda and stick to covering items on the agenda. Specify the time that will be given. If there is extra time at the end of the meeting, we will take community questions. Bring a timer to keep on schedule.

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