January 2010 HOA Meeting

People willing to walk the community to collect ballots.
Heidi Hunter
Aage Giessing
Ryan Barker
Dave Wilkey
Dave Clock: 20 acres – south side of the stream – no high impact development on property. Near term concern is development to the west.
Dave is working out the language of the conservation easement. It needs to be taken care of this year for tax purposes.
Collection of fees and late fees has a huge impact of the ability of the board to function with conservation.
Andy Badger – is it privately owned? There will be a conservation easement.
Molly Openshaw(?) lot 81 – where is the new development?
Mike Harmer 658 East 1590 South – Concerns about a day camp going into the community
Ryan Barker - Put rocks in landscaping by broken fence
Dave Wilkey – landscape bids
Aage Giessing – Volunteered that he would be interested in doing a landscape bid. He currently does landscaping for Quail Run.
Walker Monument (Aage Giessing) - $50 man hour when there is 1 inch of snow or more, also do ice melt
Jeremy Pexton – owns two properties in the development
Bernadette Johanson
George Rvera
John Hasson
Terry Tidwell – live in Quail Run, unit 15
Kenny - K&R will begin sending out statements for January and February next week. Notification of meetings in newsletters
Dave Johnson – By-laws required to hold 1 board meeting a year. We are holding more frequent meetings for our benefit to better run the association.
Are we going to amend the documents based on the lawyers comments?
We need to do an audit after we get the new board appointed. (Cash flow in and out)
Aage Giessing - What are the limits of Spring Creek development?
Susan Cable - Animal problems? Barking dogs… we need names, dates. Is it part of the CC&R’s?
Clark Barlow – When do nominations happen, how do we get ballots?
Todd Sparks – lot 44 – Are the parks getting built part of the city park or our association?
Ryan Barker – tennis courts, parks are private, asphalt trails are city owned
Help from community for bids on work in the community.
How do we keep kids out of tennis courts? Ponds? Email the board if you are aware of specific people abusing the common areas.
Billing questions should contact Kenny immediately for resolve

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