Jan 2011 HOA Annual Meeting

Annual Spring Creek HOA Neighborhood meeting minutes January 11, 2011
HOA President Jeremy Pexton Leading the meeting
• Welcome and agenda
o Board Introductions: George Rivera – VP, Dave Johnson – Architectural Chair, John Hasson – Landscape chair
o Introduction of Kenny Wilson from K&R
• Announcement of no change to fee schedule
• Discussed attorney and collections: Currently $38,000 in fees delinquent
Kenny Wilson from K&R
• Presented P&L budget overview
• Questions on budgets, general improvement fielded by K&R
Jeremy Pexton
• Announcement of HOA board elections presented by
o Nathan Luthie and Lorie Lui elected to board.
o Dave Johnson and Shaunna Sparks have completed their terms
• Discussed schedule of fines proposal
o It was requested that some of the fines be reworded
o Informal vote taken on fee 3: Damage to common areas/property, result was that over %50 felt it was overly harsh
Home owner comment on communication methodology: requested personal contact
Action Items from meeting
1. Follow up on fully executed signed order from conservation company concerning property south of development
2. Get bid for sidewalk snow removal for common areas (Mailboxes) and sidewalks
3. Consider communications committee head from HOA board
4. Discuss prepay discount for HOA fees

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