March 2011 HOA Meeting

Board Members in attendance

Lorie, George. John, Nathan

Agenda Item: Frank Evans

Request for approval to install Costco plastic greenhouse, 6’ long, 6’ wide, 6’ High
  • Board advised to be place it behind the wing fence of yard
  • Board subsequently voted (Unanimous) to allow defined as greenhouse, not shed
  • Nathan Luthi to follow up with Mr. Evans

Agenda Items: John Hasson

  1. Logan back yard landscaping approval
  • Board approved
  1. Landscaping refresh & Revamp
  2. Power line drainage issues
  3. Gray Goose pavilion drainage issues
  4. Weed issues in common areas
  5. Mulch and rock issues in common areas
  6. Fountain discussion
  7. Financials
  8. Discussed possible Credit card payments
  9. John Hasson to help on website
  10. Reminder for K&R to get improvements & addition approved
  11. State of Utah does not recognize the Spring Creek HOA. K&R to follow up with Dave Klock
  12. Nathan Luthi to follow up with Jeremy Pexton temporary fence issue
  13. Collie Cojanus: K&R to notify of pending fines for lack of wing fence
  14. K&R do explore Credit Card payment options
  15. Revote on community Easter egg hunt: Approved

K&R Agenda Items

Action Items

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