April 2011 HOA Meeting


All board members in attendance

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome Dave Johnson
  2. Jeremy Pexton
  • Proposed to board that temporary fence be allowed to be made permanent
  • Motion made and approved made to extend temporary status of fence for one year to the date of May 31, 2012
  1. Frank Evans new architectural committee considerate
  • Nathan to follow up
  1. Dave Johnson nominated as HOA Board Vice President
  • Unanimously approved by board
  1. K&R
  • Review financial statements
  • K&R to research accounts for HOA reserve fund bearing higher interest rates
  • K&R to add Lori on all accounts as HOA president
  1. Requested additional funds on behalf of homeowners for Easter egg hunt
  • Additional funds request denied
  1. Lori to make HOA FaceBook page a group

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