July 2011 HOA Meeting

Present at Meeting: Lorie Liu, Dave Johnson, John Hasson, George Rivera, and Kenny Wilson of K&R

Agenda Items:

1. Follow up on Habitat for Humanity home

  • Verified by Kenny Wilson that home meets Lehi City requirements

2. Dave Klock

  • Met with Lorie and John regarding power line trail
  • John Hasson presented photos to verify natural grasses of landscaping
  • Discussed drainage issue on Power line trail
  • Dave K. will provide plan to help alleviate drainage issues
  • Verified that Lehi city owns the actual trail
  • Action Item: Dave K. to provide maintenance/landscape plan to home owners
  • Dave K. suggested that board interact with Purenow, owners of Spring Creek
  • Nathan Luthi requested water certificates for lot 150
  • Dave K. suggested the formation of a Park committee to meet with Lehi City on park issues

3. Review of minutes from June meeting

  • Item #10 fountain pump discussed: John Hasson has followed up, is still awaiting bid. Fountain invoice to include more detail.
  • Architectural committee to consider artesian well as a supply to fountain
  • Currently withholding payment to higher grounds until maintenance issues are resolved
  • Minutes approved unanimously with suggested changes

4. Home owner Lorie Liu requesting extension on front yard landscaping

  • In order to have time to grade back yard
  • Requested until October 31, 2011
  • Motion made to grant extension
  • Approved unanimously

5. K&R presented form for landscaping extensions

  • Gravel driveway agreement letter also reviewed

6. Dave Johnson, reserve study questions

  • Was the inclusion of trails system part of the bid
  • Requested clarification of interface of study relative to the Quail Run town homes
  • Action Item: K&R to follow up on Reserve Study estimates
  • Action Item: K&R to negotiate price

7. Nathan Luthi to send notification to Architectural Board members

8. John Hasson follow-up with Higher Grounds on restroom Locking

  • Not in Higher Grounds contract
  • Action Item: K&R to attempt to keep doors locked at night
  • Action Item: K&R to install inside deadbolt to bathroom, to invoice HOA
  • Action Item: K&R to provide board with Key

9. Audit firm follow-up

  • Lorie recommended bid from John Boekweg, amongst competitive bids
  • Motion to approve bid passed four for, one against

10. Next meeting to be held August 17, 7:30 pm, at Dave Johnsons house.

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