August 2011 HOA Meeting

Minutes approved September 17, 2011
Present:               Dave Johnson, John Hasson, Lorie Liu, Nathan Luthi, K&R/Kenny Wilson
Agenda Items:
  1. Cathy Robbins (sp?)/ Lot 231
  • HOA sent letter regarding trenches dug on HOA property to drain water from her yard, over the asphalt trail and to the west side of trail
Action Item: Nathan to talk to her about concerns
  1. HEB Solutions/ John Boekweg & Corry Snow
  • Financial audit started 2-3 weeks ago
  • Less than 70% done
  • Need prior management’s records (from REMS)
  • HOA should review invoices before they are paid
  • HOA should review bank reconciliations, preferably by someone with accounting experience
  • Bank statements should also be mailed to HOA president’s home address
  • Management company should provide check report for given period for monthly meetings
Action Item: HEB to advise Board on steps to take if REMs continues to be unresponsive in providing HOA financial records from 2009
  1. Matt Gardner/ Lot 45,
Stephanie & Matt Robinson/ Lot 126
  • Requested HOA rules to be changed to follow Lehi city code relating to chickens
  • Resolution: Exception to CCRs Rule 8.4, through end of year 2011, to give homeowners time to circulate petition  to change or not to change the rule  to allow rabbits, chickens, and bees to match Lehi city code, based on a 2/3 majority vote of homeowners
  • Board unanimously approved
Action Item: 8/19- Lorie called Matt Gardner. Draft updated text for Board to review first, to ensure it is enforceable
  1. Seann Duggan/ Lot 46
  • Repaired sprinkler heads in community  property near his home
Action Item: Lorie to request he submit invoice for reimbursement
  1. Skylark Park Bathroom Locks (tennis court park)
  • Move that K&R proceeds with restroom door lock replacement using “hospital locks,” grade 2 lever, for two doors, with a budget of $400, to be purchased and installed, post haste
  • Board unanimously approved
Follow up: Different locks were installed by Alpine Lock & Key, within budget
  1. Fidelity Bond
  • Resolution: To have K&R  move forward with the purchase of $1 million bond, protecting association from companies we hire, from Travelers Casualty Insurity Company of America
  • Board unanimously approved
  1. Attorney Peter Harrison recommended sending the requested 2010 General Ledger Detail to homeowners David Noorlander/ Lot 108,  Barbara & Dane Quittner/ Lot 110
Action Item: Lorie to call Peter to get proper verbiage for cover letter reminding homeowners of the sensitivity of the information

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