January 17, 2013 HOA Meeting

January 2013 HOA Meeting
Present at the meeting: Lorie Liu, Wayne Logan, Nathan Luthi, Dane Quittner, Richard Montierth, & Luke Chamberlain.
Meeting begins at 7:09 PM
HOA President Wayne Logan thanks Lorie and Nathan for serving on the Board for the past two years.
- Discussed the Budget – Clarification on Reserve Funding. Budget was based on historic spending. Kenny of K&R showed adjusted Budget without special projects as discussed in January’s meeting. The HOA has sufficient funds to fund the reserve fund.
- Discussed powerline trail and what needs to be done in regards to rocks without sufficient weed fabric. Decided to make a decision in the spring on this matter.
- Wayne moves to fund Reserve fund @ $3,750 per quarter. Unanimous vote in favor.
- Discussed insurance policies. Luke Chamberlain to investigate further and report at February’s meeting.
- Discussed capital projects. HOA to put out a letter to get suggestions from the community as what they’d like for a capital improvements in the community.
- Discussed Board Member positions.
- Richard nominated Wayne Logan as president. Luke seconds. Unanimous in favor.
- Wayne Nominates Lynn Hanson for VP. Unanimous in favor.
- Wayne Nominates Richard Montierth as Secretary, Unanimous in favor.
- Wayne nominates Dane Quittner for Architectural char. Unanimous in favor.
- Wayne nominates Luke Chamberlain for Landscaping Chair. Unanimous in favor.
Interview of all the property management companies and landscaping companies. Representatives of each company gave presentations of their products and services.
Property Management companies:
Advantage – Joe Walters
Advanced – Ryan Bowman
Spackman – Tony Spackman
K & R – Kenny and Raegan Wilson
Landscaping companies:
Glover – Kyle Tim
Senske – Dustin Garcia
Higher Grounds – Kurt Edwards.
After presentations all representatives are sent home and Board to discuss.
Wayne Logan moves to accept Glover’s bid for services. Richard Montierth seconds motion, unanimous in favor of Glover. Kenny to notify Glover of winning the bid.
Discussed time and place for February Meeting, board will vote on management company during February’s meeting 2/7/2013. Time and place to be decided later.
Wayne Logan closes meeting at 10:11 PM.
Minutes approved 2/7/2013 by unanimous board approval

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