May 2013 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA—May 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Wayne Logan, Hardy Cherry, Richard Montierth, Luke Chamberlain, and Dane Quittner
1. Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM
2. Reviewed, adjusted and approved April 11, 2013 meeting minutes
3. Kenny from K&R presents a review of the financials & reserve fund.
4. Review playground equipment ideas for power line trail park.
5. Review costs to remove rocks around tennis court and basketball court.
6. Discuss wetland concerns.
7. Discuss backyards.
8. Discuss community concerns.
9. Scheduled next meeting for June 6, 7:00 pm at the Super 8.
10. Close meeting at 9:18 PM.
Action Items.
1. Dane Quittner to do a pulse survey of the community to gauge interest in a pool or splash pad.
2. Kenny Wilson to get 3 competing bids on the drainage project and playground construction.
3. Dane Quittner to contact the Army Corps of Engineers to determine how to proceed on the wetland issue.
4. Kenny to discuss with contractor to determine cost of leveling ground between Smith home and common area.
1. Motion to approve April minutes made by Wayne Logan. Unanimously in favor.
2. W. Logan moves to start foreclosure process on Lot 164, H. Cherry seconds the motion, D. Quittner also votes in favor. Vial Fatheringham to move forward with foreclosure.
Minutes approved: June 6, 2013 by Wayne Logan, Richard Montierth, and Hardy Cherry
Minutes Submitted by: K&R Premier, Agent

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