June 2013 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA—June 6, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Wayne Logan, Hardy Cherry, Richard Montierth, Luke Chamberlain
1. Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM
2. Reviewed, adjusted and approved May 9, 2013 meeting minutes.
3. Open discussion to community in attendance:
a. Karen Logan proposes an eagle scout project of putting in vinyl fencing to surround a portion of the new park. Board takes it under consideration.
b. Reid Smith— brings up the problem of weeds in community. Community discussion ensued, the board resolved to contact Glover and give them notice that we will terminate in 60 days if they do not cure the problem.
4. Wayne Logan reads an open letter from Dane Quittner. Dane resigns effective immediately, Jack Buckley is nominated by Wayne Logan as the person to replace Dane Quittner on the board.
5. Army Core of Engineers follow up. Kenny to contact ACOE and discuss removal of gravel.
6. Tanya Bates makes presentation on the Community involvement Proposals including landscaping and parks.
7. Reserve Funding Discussion.
8. Discuss Concrete Bids.
9. Post and Rail vinyl fence discussion on power line trail area.
10. Soft fall bark in tennis court playground discussion.
11. Bald area of dirt removed tree and rebar discussion.
12. Discuss Financials.
13. Adjourn at 9:52 PM.
Action Items.
1. Kenny to contact the ACOE to determine if we can proceed.
2. Schedule next meeting, July 18, 2013 @7pm at the Grey Goose Pavilion.
1. Motion to approve May minutes made by Wayne Logan. Unanimously in favor.
2. Wayne Moves to fund reserve with $3750. Hardy 2nds, unanimously in favor.
3. Wayne moves to fund the Community Engagement Committee for $1,000. Hardy 2nds. 3 Ayes, 1 Nay.
Minutes approved by: Jack Buckley, Hardy Cherry, Luke Chamberlain on 7/18/2013
Minutes Submitted by: K&R Premier, Agent

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