July 2013 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA—July 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Hardy Cherry,  Luke Chamberlain, Jack Buckley (Acting ARC chair)
  1. Open meeting 7:09pm
  2. Discuss Power line trail
a)       John Gallagher and Kyle Timm with Glover
  1. Reviewed minutes from 6/6 meeting
a)      Approved-All in favor
  1. Next meeting to vote Jack into position at next meeting approve the nomination by majority
  2. Open executive session
  3. Reviewed financials with K&R
  4. Next  meeting 8/8/13 at 7pm, grey goose pavilion
  5. Jack motion to close, all in favor.
  6. Meeting adjourned
Minutes approved:___________August 8, 2013
Minutes Submitted by: ___K&R Premier, Agent

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