August 2013 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA—August 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Wayne Logan, Hardy Cherry, Richard Montierth, Luke Chamberlain
  1. Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM
  2. Open to Community
    1. Tanya Bates brings up issues with Glover, including cracks in the sidewalk.  Board discusses options and the condition of the community landscape. Kenny and Luke C. to follow up with Glover to ensure they will do a better job.
    2. Community Engagement committee discussion from Tanya Bates.
      1. Discussed July 24th party, wanting to have a fireworks show and close a street down, this is something we can build up to and maybe do something more extravagant year.
      2. Ryan Barker with Shoreline Properties and Pure Now —Did not show.  Kenny explained a little bit about what they are doing.  The fountain is going to be partially demolished to make room for curb and gutter.  Shoreline properties is willing to give us $1,000 to renovate.  Board questions their authority  to require the fountain,
      3. Jack Buckley put on the board as the architectural chair.
      4. Concrete around tennis court and basketball court discussion.
      5. Discuss power line trail progress and concerns—Discuss area next to Kjar Home-K&R.
      6. Extended parking @1950 S and Meadow Marsh
        1. White Trailer and Maroon SUV
        2. Other final items for discussion prior to Executive Session
        3. Open Executive Session
          1. Review and approve July 18, 2013 meeting minutes
          2. Review Financials: K&R
          3. Other items: Collections, etc.
          4. Discuss power line trail progress and concerns
          5. Schedule next meeting —Sept 19, 2013—7:00 pm.
          6. Adjourn at 9:00 PM.
Action Items.
  1. Luke Chamberlain to follow up with the City planner on Monday.
  2. LC to get official basketball court dimensions and determine size of tennis court.
  3. Kenny to investigate power-line easements to determine if we can do a park under the power-poles. Kenny to get written permission to proceed.
  1. WL makes motion to appoint JB to the Board.  RM 2nds.  All vote in favor.
  2. WL makes motion, pending 2nd bid to do the site work for basketball court, removing dirt and pour concrete.  RM 2nds.  HC & LC vote aye, JB votes nay.
  3. RM moves to put in a drain on the powerline trail for extra drainage for $450.  HC 2nds the motion.  All in favor.
  4. HC moves to approve the July minutes. JB 2nds. All in favor
Minutes approved: Unanimously 9/19/2013
Minutes Submitted by: _______K&R Premier______________, Agent

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