September 2013 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday September 19, 2013
7:00 pm, Grey Goose Pavilion, Lehi Utah 84043
Directors Present: Wayne Logan, Luke Chamberlain, Jack Buckley, Hardy Cherry
Also present: K&R Premier, Community members, Persons listed on the agenda
  1. Meeting Called to order at: 7:01pm
  2. Quinn Sperry, HOA attorney presentation
  3. Ryan Barker, Development discussion
  4. Eric Bradshaw, Glover maintenance discussion
  5. Tanya Bates, Playground discussion
  6. HOA Board discussed sign restrictions for community
  7. Meeting Adjourned at:8:43pm
Action Items:
  1. Board to review Lehi regulations for sign sizes, etc
  2. Luke Chamberlain to review regulations and provide feedback to board at next meeting
  3. K&R and Tanya Bates to work together to expedite the installation of the approved playground.
  1. Wayne Logan Motioned to approve Tanya Bates’ Proposal for Fall 2013
    1. $49,481 for playground, perimeter wall, etc on the power line trail near Smith home
    2. Hardy Cherry seconds, all in favor
    3. Motion passed
  2. Wayne Logan motions to accept Peer Inc as the newsletter creator for the community
    1. Luke Chamberlain seconds, all in favor
    2. Motion passed
  3. Wayne Logan motions to approve minutes from August meeting
    1. Hardy Cherry seconds, all in favor
    2. Motion passed
  4. Wayne Logan motions to approve $3750 be moved from operating funds into reserve fund
    1. Jack Buckley seconds, all in favor
    2. Motion passed, K&R instructed to make the transfer
Minutes approved: October 10, 2013 Unanimously by all attendees 
Minutes Submitted By: K&R Premier,  Agent

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