January 2014 Annual Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA—January, 2014 Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Wayne Logan, Hardy Cherry, Richard Montierth, Luke Chamberlain, Jack Buckley
1. Meeting called to order at 7:21 PM
2. Review Minutes from November 14, 2013. Voted in favor of the minutes. All in favor.
3. Review of financials
a. Financials reviewed by the board.
4. Jack Buckley—brought up an issue about the Wordpress site and other community websites. Jack makes motion that the Wordpress site states that it is the official site of the HOA. All in favor. Motion carried.
5. Adjourn at 7:58 PM.
6. Meeting re-opens at 8:01 PM
7. Counting of Ballots. 120 ballots. With 9 attending. There is no quorum, so the meeting is adjourned at 8:03 PM.
8. Reconvene at 8:06 PM.
9. No additional ballots or additional attendees. WL moves to tally the votes received. All in favor.
10. The new board members are:
a. Tanya Bates
b. Nathan Wagstaff
c. David Howell
11. Adjourn at 8:09 PM.
Action Items.
1. None

Minutes approved:_February 19, 2014______________________________
Minutes Submitted by: _K&R Premier___________________________, Agent

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