July 2014 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday July 15, 2014

1900 @ Motel 8 Lehi, Utah

Directors Present:  Tanya Bates, Dave Howell, Kenny Wilson, Nathan Wagstaff, Luke Chamberlain, Jack Buckley
Also present: Jason Shaffer (Quail Run President)
  1. Meeting Called to order at: 1910
  2. Open Forum:
    1. Quail Run HOA rubber mat discussion
    2. City Park on south side Spring Creek, Lehi city reallocated money, hopeful for completion next year.
    3. 4-Way stop at intersection of 1470 S. and Weeping Willow Way
    4. Flagship Homes has agreed to change the elevation of the current homes in question.
Motion Items:
  1. Motion to approve June minutes; all in favor.
  2. Motion to have audit performed for 2013 and 2014 the first week of 2015, Luke moves to approve motion, Dave seconds the motion, Nate, Jack, Tanya approve.
  3. Luke motions to change construction guidelines to state “similar” instead of “identical” when referring to houses being built next to each other.
Action Items:
  1. Higher Grounds invoice reviewed for accuracy per Kenny and Luke.
  2. Kenny and Jason will get a bid for the rubber mats at the quail run park.
  3. Tanya and Kenny will get bids for wood chips.
  4. Jack will follow up on Flagship Homes change of plans.
  5. Kenny will transfer $7,500.00 from operating account to reserve account.
Minutes approved:_Unanimously 8/19/2014_______
Minutes Submitted By:     Kenny Wilson_______, Agent

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