March 2015 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA
March 11th, 2015 Meeting Minutes
  1. Open Meeting 18:06
    1. Jack Buckley, David Howell, Brian Shuey, Tanya Bates attending
  2. Open Community Forum
    1. Nathan Luthi would like the HOA to consider renovating the trail that runs north/south on the west side of the neighborhood. Nathan also disagrees with putting in the community garden.
      1. Tanya to look into what it would cost to renovate the sprinkler system
    2. Keith Finlandson would like to know if he can put a maple tree in the front yard, in front of a future fence.
      1. Keith is approved to plant a new tree as long as it is in front of a fence. – Tanya Bates 18:25.
    3. Keith would like to know if he can get a different type of Hawthorn tree approved.
      1. Keith needs to check with Lehi City – Tanya Bates 18:26
    4. Review Financials
      1. Approved 18:35
    5. Review February 7, 2015 Minutes
      1. Approved 18:37
    6. Board Agenda Items to Discuss
      1. Tanya – EIN Information
        1. HOAs do not qualify for tax exemption. 18:38
      2. Ray – Community Garden Update
        1. Ray not present. Kenny disagrees with the idea of the community garden. Garden needs more thought before moving forward. 18:42
      3. Tanya – House Rules
        1. Tanya to email out house rules. 18:45
      4. Other Items
        1. Asphalt: Bid for repair on 1630 So. and Powerline trail. Kenny to send out information for approval when it is due. 18:47
        2. Notices that get sent out: Nothing decided but may need to modify the warning letter system. 18:55
        3. Changed phrasing regarding tree requirements to follow the Lehi City Tree Guide
          1. Approved 19:30
        4. Executive Session
          1. Open executive session: 18:59
          2. Executive session minutes on separate document
          3. Close executive session: 19:09
        5. Schedule next meeting: 18:00 on May 12, 2015
        6. Close meeting 19:32
Spring Creek Ranch HOA Executive Session
March 11th, 2015 Meeting Minutes
  1. Open Executive Session 18:59
  2. A/R Aging Summary
  3. Close Executive Session 19:09

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