April 2015 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA
April 20th, 2015 Meeting Minutes
  1. Open Meeting 18:01
    1. David Howell, Brian Shuey, Ray Palmer attending
  2. Open Community Forum
    1. No community forum items to discuss
  3. Review Financials
    1. Approved
  4. Review March 11th, 2015 Minutes
    1. Approved 18:11
  5. Board Agenda Items to Discuss
    1. Flag Rules Discussion 18:13
      1. Erin Mehler (on behalf of Lucia Sandoval) - Lucia would like her flag approved. Tanya: Letters need to be reworded. Lucia needs to submit a document for approval and the flag will be approved.
      2. Erin Mehler (on behalf of Lucia Sandoval) - Lucia would like information whether or not K&R Premier has a Property Management license. They do.
  • Lindsey Marques - Where is the contact information for details on the CC&Rs?
    1. Delivered at time of closing.
  1. Alan Breeze – Quail Run shrub issue: Kenny will discuss with the Quail Run Board
  2. Jake Anderegg – Representative in House District 6.
  1. Community Garden update
    1. Nothing on garden
  2. House Rules Discussion
    1. Tabled until next meeting
  3. Chicken Rules
    1. Ray would like the chicken rule in line with the Lehi rules (8 on his side of lot). Needs to bring the information to the board for CC&R clarification.
  4. Construction workers Plat K concerns
    1. HOA can’t do anything directly, but it will be mentioned to the builders.
  5. New Legislation
    1. Tabled until next meeting
  6. Landscape improvement plans
    1. Reed Smith - Water has risen in the swamp and he would like it to be repaired.
      1. Kenny will contact the Army Corps of Engineers
    2. Tanya – needs $3460 for landscape improvements in May. Approved 19:19
  7. Other items
  1. Other Items
  2. Executive Session
  3. Schedule Next Meeting
  4. Adjourn

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