June 2015 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA
June 15th, 2015 Meeting
  1. Open Meeting 18:00
    1. David Howell, Brian Shuey, Tanya Bates, Ray Palmer attending (Jack Buckley by conference call)
  2. Review Financials 18:00
  3. Review minutes from April and May 2015, modify and approve
    1. Approved
  4. Open Discussion: All members in attendance
    1. Nate Bates: Inspection and review.
      1. Checklist to be sent out for what is looked for during inspections.
    2. Reed Smith: Wetland meeting to dredge it.
    3. Cristian Arroyo: Asking for a tree fine to be waived
      1. To be discussed in executive session
    4. Review process for waiving fines: Brian Shuey
    5. Monthly Inspection Process: Tanya Bates
      1. Kenny and David to have the checklist together by next month’s inspection
    6. Architectural Review Process: Tanya Bates
      1. Digital document approval process discussed
    7. Management Company Process: Tanya Bates
      1. Digital Payment discusses
      2. Digital documents sent out to community discussed
    8. Concrete Curbing bid: Tanya Bates
      1. $1500 needed for June: Approved 19:17
    9. Spring Creek/Quail Run letter from Attorney
      1. Jason and Leah to be involved in discussion: Kenny to send out email thread.
    10. Chicken Discussion: Ray Palmer
      1. Maximum of two domesticated animals as per CCRs
    11. Parking in street enforcement
      1. Board stance is to encourage members to contact code enforcement
    12. Open Executive Session: 19:54
    13. Close Meeting: 20:30

--Kenny and David to have the checklist together by next month’s inspection

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