January 2016 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek Board Meeting
January 19, 2016 7pm 859 Grey Goose Rd
  1. Open Meeting 7pm
    1. Attending: Tanya Bates, Jack Buckley, Brad Smith, Amy Gifford, Dave Johnson
  2. Ray Palmer resigned his position with one year remaining
  3. Board appoints Dave Johnson to the board
    1. Motion was passed unanimously
  4. Board selects officers:
    1. Brad Smith as president
    2. Dave Johnson as vice president
    3. Tanya Bates as landscape chairperson
    4. Jack Buckly as ARC chairperson
    5. Amy Gifford as secretary/treasurer
  5. Other items discussed
  6. Next HOA meeting scheduled for February 9, 2016 at 6:30pm at the super 8 motel,
  7. Meeting adjourned 8;15pm

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