February 2016 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek HOA meeting 2/9/2016
Location: Super 8 motel, in Lehi, Utah
1.       Open meeting at 18:35
a.       Attending: Jack Buckley, Brad Smith, Amy Gifford, Dave Johnson , and Tanya Bates.
2.       Review financials, Kenny Wilson 18:45-18:48
a.       Look at actuals, profit/loss,  answer questions
3.       Review minutes from meetings on January 12th 2016, and January 19th 2016
a.       Approved by board at 18:54.
4.       Quail Run maintenance discussion 18:54-19:31
a.       Quail Run board members present: Andrew Belov and Leah Stentson
b.      Review of reserve study,  open discussion of present and future goals/plans
c.       Quail Run board agrees to raise townhome maintenance fees by 20% by April 1st.
5.       Pure Now discussion 19:31-19:37
a.       Set time to meet with Dave Klock on Tuesday, February 16th 2016 at 7pm.
b.      Time/date approved by board 19:37.
6.       Open forum discussion 19:37-20:16
7.       Budget- Kenny Wilson 20:16-20:31
a.       Open discussion about reserve account
b.      Vote passes  4 to 1 to fully fund reserves
c.       Reserves account funded to $138,058.
8.       Next HOA meeting scheduled for March 8th 2016, 6:30pm at Super 8 motel.
9.       Meeting adjourned at 20:35

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