November 2016 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Meeting 11/7/2016
Location: Super 8 Motel, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open Meeting (19:05)
    • Members in attendance : Brad Smith, Dan Smederovac, Jack Buckley, Tanya Bates, Amy Gifford
  2. Review financials and budget (19:05-19:13)
  3. Upcoming events review (19:13-19:16)
    • Christmas party November 30 from 5-8pm
    • Board member election nominees due by November 15
    • Next board meeting January 10
  4. Action taken since the last board meeting (19:16-19:19)
    • Decision to request additional street lights from the city
    • Board meetings for 2017 will be every other month
    • Quotes were received to complete crosswalk and cement grading at corner of Spring Creek Ranch Road and the decision the decision to go forward was moved until next year
  5. Action to Take (19:19-19:25)
  6. Disband the architectural committee and appoint the collective board as the committee - Approved 4-1
  7. Disallow the architectural committee to approve plans to which they have a conflict of interest, such as for their own property, family relations or rentals they may own - Approved 4-1
  8. Conservation land purchase (19:25-20:50)
    • Presentation of the issue at hand - Spring Creek Ranch HOA can purchase the 3.7 acres of conservation land located where the creek enters our community at Spring Creek Ranch Road and 1630 South until it leaves our community at 2100 South for the price of $45,000
    • Statement of what the HOA has done read by Brad Smith
    • Statement of what the HOA knows and has learned ready by Brad Smith
    • Questions from the community
      • How would we determine how well to maintain the property? - Community through board meeting attendance and opinions and the board discrepancy
      • What is the urgency with Pure Now selling us the property? What will happen if it does get sold to someone else? - We pay $23,000+ to Pure Now
      • If someone else purchases the property, are we still having to owe that amount to the new buyer? - No
      • Will we as homeowners have any say in the tree removal? - Determined by the insurance adjuster and what they deem insurable
      • What would the board members recommend we do and why? - Each board member stated their opinion. Some said we don't have enough information and would like to continue gathering information. Others said that they recommend against it due to unknown risks and known cost of maintenance. In other words, no consensus among the board members
      • Could I buy the land as a homeowner? - That is up to Pure Now
      • With the uncertainty, will you post these questions online prior to the vote - Yes
      • Other options, what items are we giving up to buy the creek? - There are no set plans that we have that we know we would be giving up.
      • What kind of company wants to buy this? Who would benefit from that land? - There are water rights companies that may be interested, so we have been told.
      • Is there a fire potential? What are our risks with the property? - There is a fire potential with anything, but we are not aware of any abnormally dangerous conditions. The most common risks are to property or person if a tree or tree limb falls on a nearby property or someone gets in the stream and drowns
      • Can we get a quote on annual maintenance? Can we delay the vote so we can have an informed decision? - We have had our maintenance company attempt to maintain it but that hasn't proved effective. We are looking for maintenance companies specific to this area of expertise, however, we cannot delay the vote to obtain this information
      • Due diligence, will we get the answers we need prior to voting so we can make an informed decision? - We are hoping to obtain all the necessary information and have a meeting scheduled with Pure Now to discuss the results of this meeting and get get any additional information necessary
      • If the ballots are going out December 1 and due December 15, why is there not a community meeting in December to count the votes? - The vote for the property is separate from the vote for board members and will be counted separately
      • Would my 25 year-old cottonwood trees have to be removed? I bought my property because of the trees. - We cannot answer that until an underwriter or adjuster comes to evaluate the property but you are welcome to be there for that section of housing if they come
      • Are there laws or guidelines, or a website for what regulations are over a conservation area? Does this have to stay a conservation land? - This does not have to stay a conservation land after we purchase it. However, we would like to keep it as natural looking land as much as possible with the exceptions of the path and bridges that go through it and possibly a park there at a later time.
  9. Meeting Adjourned (20:50)
  10. Executive Session (20:50-21:20)
    • Minutes from October 2016 meeting approved by all board members
    • Minutes from November meeting approved by all board members
    • Other items of business

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