October 2016 HOA Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Meeting 10/4/2016
Location: Super 8 Motel, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open the meeting (19:05)
    • Members in attendance: Amy Gifford, Jack Buckley, Tanya Bates
  2. Review financials and budget (19:05-19:10)
  3. Open forum for all in attendance (19:10-20:45)
    • Pure Now discussion: questions from community members and HOA, written down questions to bring to meeting on 10/6/2016 with Pure Now. Discussed the possibility of purchasing the Pure Now property along the creek with some homeowners present. Asking price is $55,000. Current yearly dues paid to Pure Now are $21,660. Asked three questions for community input at the end of the Pure Now discussion:
      • If we had to vote on purchasing the land today with the information we have at our hands, raise your hand if you would vote to own the land? Majority raised hands
      • Raise your hand if you would purchase the land? About 2/3 raised hands
      • Raise your hand if you would purchase the land for the $55,000 asking price? No hands raised
    • Other questions/concerns by homeowners
  4. Executive session (20:45-22:08)
  5. HOA discussion (22:08-22:10)
    • Quail run townhomes: New HOA board, follow up on agreement, questions-will discuss next HOA meeting
  6. Landscaping (22:10-22:12)
    • Requested crosswalk grading at Spring Creek Ranch Road trail opening-did quote ever get done? Would we like to do this? No quote was able to be given at this time.
  7. Next meeting:
    • November meeting: Monday November 7, 2016 at 7pm at Super 8 Motel in Lehi
    • December meeting: No December meeting

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