August 2017 HOA Board Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Meeting August 24, 2017
Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah

  1. Open the meeting (19:14)
    1. Members in attendance: Brad Smith (via video conference), Jack Buckley, Frank Evans, Amy Gifford.
  2. Review financials and budget (19:16-19:23)
  3. Open forum for all in attendance (19:23-19:32)
  4. Nomination for landscaping chair - Amanda Minor and others to consider (19:32-19:36)
    1. Dan Smederovac resigned his position at the last meeting. Tom Butler, who is present at the meeting tonight, is appointed as Landscape chair from now until the January 2018 reelection. All board members are in favor.
  5. Follow up on action items (19:36-20:33)
    1. CC&Rs and Bylaws - All members action item: by June 30, we needed to review CC&Rs and give feedback. That was done. We have gotten our revised list to our attorney for review. He has given input that we need to do a total revision. Will move this item to executive session.
    2. CEC committee events still to take place: Halloween fun run ($100). Action item follow up with Brad Smith: any interest in youth ice cream social? No. It was discussed that it needs to be kept completely secular and not involve asking within wards. Discussed that we need to put a teenager social in next year's budget.
    3. Creek: any further clean-up plans scheduled for the year? No.
    4. Audit follow up: proposal for Frank Evans, Jack Buckley and Luke Langford to forming audit committee and doing audit. They will be getting together to get this done.
    5. Reserve study done by Wasatch Reserve Study starting this July/August 2017 - has it started yet? It is in draft stage (Reported by Kenny), all board members need to review it and put in any input. Action item: All members of board get input in by Sept. 15, 2017.
  6. Landscape (20:33-21:15)
    1. Tanya Bates: follow up for park suggestions/bids. Toddler playground by spider web park, 20-28k, 2k wood chips, 6 k for cement barrier. Worries about placement of the equipment, discussed among community members.
    2. Covered awning thing for Skylark park for shade 26k to do.
    3. Nature inspired park by creek (around the small pavilion with one table, minimum of 70k).
    4. Creek trail ideas - we need to get a better system to get the creek clean up done effectively, to be discussed with next landscape person. 
    5. Who is allowed to use our tennis courts/play areas? Issue of Bree the tennis coach. Our insurance will not cover any injuries obtained while someone outside the community is there operating a business. Her using our courts does jeopardize our non-profit status. She is taking our courts while others want to use it. We need to tell her to stop. It is private property. Vote to tell Bree to stop using our courts: all 4 members agree.
    6. Other landscape needs/concerns - dead areas, weeds not getting taken care of, broken sprinklers, clogged drains - resolved along power lines. Clover issues discussed. Discussed way homeowners are getting fines when HOA property is not weed free and has taller grass/weeds than homeowners - Kenny discussed reasons. Our landscaper only comes once a week and grass will grow tall during the time between mows.
    7. Need to set up dates to take down and put up nets so nets don't get ruined again. October 15 off, up again April 15. All board members agreed.
  7. Architectural concerns (20:15-21:20)
    1. Metal roofs on sheds - we as a board will not allow metal roofs and will remedy the roof that was mistakenly approved.
    2. Pools - above/below ground - for separate consideration. Moved to executive session.
    3. Homeowner concerns over driveway width - discussed with board members that it needs to be the full width of the driveway. The same standards need to be upheld throughout community. Proposal: Make the driveway keep with the standards set in CC&Rs. 3 votes yes. Proposal: Make the driveway keep with the standards set with not as much cement on South side to keep the look up with homeowner's desire. 1 vote. Amy abstained from vote.
  8. Verify next meeting schedule (21:20-21:23)
    1. Next meeting: November 9, 2017. That will be the last of 2017 meetings.
  9. Executive session (21:23-22:16)
  10. Meeting adjourned (22:16)

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