New CC&R Draft with Your Feedback Included

New draft includes your feedback

You can find the new CC&Rs by clicking this link,, or the document below.

Thank you to everyone for the excellent feedback on our CC&Rs. We have worked with our attorney and have another draft for you to review and provide feedback on prior to voting. In order to simplify your process for reviewing the CC&R changes, our attorney has used track changes. This means that all changes made to the document are red-lined allowing you to see every new letter added or deleted in the entire document.

Main areas addressed:

  • 7.6 and 13.1 Owner neglect and the Right to enter lots - This has been addressed in sections 7.6, 11 and 13 with several clarifications and additions, including enforcement processes
  • 5.5 Special Assessments - Reducing the amount to $200
  • 5.19 Reinvestment Fee - Added a flat fee maximum as opposed to percentage of home value
  • 9.4 Recreational and Commercial Vehicles - Clarifying parking of personal use trucks and trail access by bikes and scooters. Also addressed in section 9.13 Parking
  • 9.5 Pets and Animals - Inclusion of the right to have chickens
  • 9.12 Equipment and Automobile Maintenance - Allowing for maintenance in the driveway
  • 9.15 Leases - Reduction in initial lease term requirements to 6 months and removal of eviction proceeding rights of the Board
  • 9.19 Variances - Changing from unanimous to majority vote in order to grant a variance

We will hold another meeting on Wednesday, December 20 from 6-8 pm at the Harmons in Traverse Mountain. Based on what we learned from the last meeting we ask that all suggestion be submitted by Sunday, December 17. This gives the board and the attorney time to discuss options so we can discuss possible solutions at the meeting. Again I want to thank you for putting in the time to make sure these CC&Rs are the best for our community.

The following is a timeline of events: 

  • Feedback received by the end of Sunday, December 17
  • Meeting on Wednesday, December 20 from 6-8 pm at the Harmons in Traverse Mountain
  • Receive any additional changes by January 7.
  • Final discussion at Annual Board Meeting Tuesday, January 9 at 7 pm at Harmons in Traverse Mountain
  • Finalized CC&Rs will be sent along with a ballot to vote. Votes need to be returned by January 31.
  • Starting February 1 volunteers will start knocking on doors to request signatures of those we have not received a response from. These volunteers will likely come in the evenings.

Feedback and/or questions should be sent to

Thank you,

The Spring Creek Ranch HOA Board

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