January 2018 HOA Annual Board Meeting

Spring Creek Ranch HOA Annual Board Meeting

Date: January 9, 2018
Location: Harmons, Lehi, UT

  1. Open meeting (19:05)
  2. Members in attendance: Jack Buckley, Amy Gifford, Brad Smith, Tom Butler
  3. Attendance taken and votes tallied (19:05-19:29)
    1. Voted placed: 78
    2. Results: Brad Smith, Tom Butler and Scott Nelson voted on board
    3. Scott Nelson moved out of the community last week, acknowledged through a phone call that he cannot hold his position
    4. Next highest vote is Georgette Nelson who also moved out of the community and acknowledged in a phone call that she cannot hold her position
    5. Kyler Stitt had the next highest votes
  4. Open forum for all in attendance while votes were being tallied (19:05-19:29)
    1. Questions asked about CC&Rs in relation to townhomes
    2. Questions asked about CC&Rs in relation to single unit homes
  5. Meeting adjourned and called for another meeting in 5 minutes
January 9, 2018 Adjourned Meeting
  1. Open meeting (19:37)
  2. New and current members of HOA: Brad Smith, Tom Butler, Jack Buckley, Frank Evans
  3. Financials discussed and 2018 budget reviewed (19:47-19:53)
  4. Open forum for those in attendance (19:53-19:55)
  5. Activities planned from CEC (19:55-20:14)
    1. Easter egg hunt, 4th of July, ice cream social/outdoor pool (Lehi), potential youth get together, Halloween fun run
    2. Suggested to do a firework gathering within the community with HOA funds going toward some fireworks and potentially a barbecue. Connections to soft serve ice cream machines. Those in attendance preferred less activities that are higher quality.
  6. Reviewed changes to proposed CC&Rs and voting options (20:14-20:20)
    1. No further revisions to be done. Final draft complete. Ballot can be sent by a photo taken of signed documents. Need to be in by January 31, 2018. 
    2. Offering service to help collect votes: Amanda Miner, Amy Gifford, Stash Debrowski. 
    3. Potential people to help: Jimmy Donahoo
  7. Kyler Stitt joined the meting at 20:19, accepted the position onto the board at 20:22
  8. Reviewed meeting minutes. Approved by all present HOA members (20:22-20:25)
  9. Meeting adjourned (20:25)

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