July 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 7pm HOA meeting:
  1. Open Meeting:
    1. Brad Smith, Jack Buckley and Kyler Stitt in Attendance
    2. K&R Premier – Kenny in attendance
  2. Discuss Reinvestment fee
    1. Brad Smith Motion to set the reinvestment fee to 0.25% for the Townhome and 0.25% for the single family homes
      1. Jack seconds, all in favor, motion passes unanimously
    2. K&R to record reinvestment fee for $425
      1. Jack approves, all in favor
  3. Discussed Bark in Playgrounds
    1. Jack motions to approve up to $4500, at K&R discretion for fill amount
    2. Brad Smith seconds, all in favor, motion passed
  4. Kyler left meeting 8:00pm, meeting adjourned
  5. Discussion about Sprinkler issues
  6. Discussion about tennis court progress
  7. Discussion about asphalt areas needing slurry seal
    1. K&R to investigate additional discounts from Holbrook
    2. K&R followup with any reduction in prices for approval
  8. Executive Session Opened 8:10pm
  9. Executive Session Closed 9:05pm
  10. Next meeting 8/15/18 7pm at Harmons

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