January 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes - Spring Creek HOA Board Meeting 1/8/2019
Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open the meeting - 19:49
  2. Roll Call – Brad, Kyler, Nathalie, Pat, Jeanette - Present
  3. Open forum for all in attendance - 19:50
  4. Review Financials and Budget - 19:50-20:01
    1. Audit of 2016-2017 progress – completed and signed by Brad and Kyler
    2. Decision to split the K&R invoice into an automated portion and a variable portion
      1. Brad Motioned, Kyler seconded – all voted in approval
  5. Follow up on action items - 20:05
    1. Discussion cutting and removal by the creek
    2. Discussion of making sure fencing on the trees for beavers is loose enough 
  6. Rule Discussion - 20:05-21:14
    1. Signs, placement and length of time
      1. Garage Sale and Special Event (one day events) signs can be placed one day before the event and must be taken down one day after. Sign size is limited to 5 square feet. Exceptions must receive written approval from the board.
      2. Brad motioned, Jeanette seconded, all voted in approval
    2. Tree in front and back discussion
      1. Changed from "one tree in the front yard and one in the backyard" to "one or more trees in the front yard and are encouraged to have at least one tree in the backyard". Also changing final line to "Fruit trees are not to be planted in the front yard and cannot overhang the sidewalks or common area."
      2. Brad motioned, Jeanette seconded – all voted in approval
    3. Lawn decorations 
      1. Holiday lawn decorations must be set up no earlier than 6 weeks before the holiday, and must be taken down no later than 2 weeks after the holiday.
      2. Brad motioned, Nathalie seconded – all voted in approval
  7. CEC Committee - 21:14-21:15
    1. Kim Christensen will be on the committee, Lacey Voris in charge, Jake Wertner willing to help on an as needed basis
  8. Board training info and planning from Miller Harrison – 21:17
  9. Things to include in February Newsletter – 21:18-21:20
    1. Reemphasize website to show this year's upcoming activities
    2. Highlight Buildium – use the video link Buildium provides for training
  10. Board Positions – 21:20-21:48
    1. President – Brad, Vice President – Jeanette, Secretary – Kyler, Architecture – Nathalie, Landscape - Pat
  11. Next board meeting schedule – February 5, 2019 at 7 pm at Harmon’s
  12. Approve January meeting minutes 22:00

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