March 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Spring Creek Ranch 
March 12, 2019 Minutes
  1. Call to order (1902)
  2. Nathalie, Jeanette, Pat and Brad Present (Kyler Absent)
    1. Quorum present
    2. K&R Present
    3. UDOT Present
    4. Prime Designs Present
  3. UDOT Discussion About Vineyard Connector (1903-1940)
    1. Dianne Olson and Aaron Pinkerton
  4. Open Forum skipped, no owners attending 
  5. Prime Designs discussion (1940-2038)
    1. Pat motions to have creek area from 1630 s to the first bridge mowed monthly by prime designs
      1. Brad Second, All in favor
    2. Brad Motions to dredge powerline wetland at $1500
      1. Pat seconds, all in favor
    3. Table new sod/grass on power line trail issue until next time
    4. Discussed posts around wetland
  6. Discussed financials (2038-2046)
  7. Discussed HOA events (2046-2055)
  8. Discussed Survey for community events (2055-2105)
    1. Nathalie to head this up
  9. Discussed Arborist inspection of community (2015-2110)
    1. K&R to locate arborist and review community
  10. Discussed Tennis Court net placement (2110-2115)
    1. Board to watch the weather and determine best time to install
  11. Discussed Splash Pad (2115-2120)
    1. Jeanette to research
  12. Next Meeting April 9, 2019 7pm Harmons Lehi
  13. Adjourn 2120

Action Items:
A. K&R to locate arborist
B. Nathalie to work on a survey for HOA events
C. Jeanette to research splash pad costs and present

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