April 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

April HOA Board Meeting
Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open the meeting – Roll Call 19:13
    1. Kyler, Pat, Nathalie present, Brad absent
    2. Jeanette, came in at 19:14
  2. Open forum for all in attendance 19:14-19:21
    1. Pressure treated lumber pergola request
  3. Discussion about tree maintenance from arborist 19:22-19:48
  4. Review Financials and Budget 19:48-20:06
  5. Follow up on action items 20:06-20:17
    1. Nathalie to work on a survey for HOA events
    2. Jeanette researched splash pad costs and present
  6. CEC Committee 20:17
    1. Easter activity needs and planning
  7. Landscape 20:17-20:20:31
    1. HOA support for community cleanup activity
      1. Jeanette motions to help provide a dumpster for the service project, Pat seconds
      2. Part of the project is to clean up the creek. Only remove garbage and loose debris. No cutting of trees and pulling of plants, and no power tools.
        1. All in favor unanimously
    2. Discussion about grass placement in area under power lines
  8. Architectural Approval 20:31-20:46
    1. Patio covers rules - Nathalie motioned, Jeanette seconded
      1. Patio covers are approved based on ARC review. The appearance of patio covers must be consistent with the appearance of the house. The color must match the house trim or the wall color; or must be complementary to the house. Materials must be sturdy and high in quality. Preferred materials include aluminum and vinyl. Other materials are subject to ARC review.
      2. Motion passed unanimously
    2. Shed specifications
  9. Incremental fine structure 20:46-20:58
  10. Things to include in May Newsletter 20:58
    1. Reminder not to water - Save the flow website - standing item
  11. Next board meeting schedule 20:59
    1. May 14, 2019 7 pm
  12. Next meeting agenda items 20:59
    1. Fine structure
    2. Landscape, grass, trees, creek
  13. Motion to approve March meeting minutes
    1. Motion passed unanimously
  14. Approve April meeting minutes - pat motioned, Nathalie seconded
    1. Motion passed unanimously
  15. Meeting adjourned 21:04

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