May 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Announcement: At the board meeting on June 11, 7 pm at Harmons in Traverse Mountain, the Board will be discussing a change to the fines. If you are interested in hearing the discussion please attend.

May 2019 HOA Board Meeting
Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah

Open the meeting (19:03)
    • Roll call: Pres, VP, Landscape, Arc, Sec (Absent)
Open forum for all in attendance (19:04)
    • No issues
Review financials and budget (19:04-20:21)
    • Reviewed income statement and balance sheet and how to find it in the reports
    • Pat motioned to not replace the tree that was damaged at the entrance of the neighborhood. Brad seconded. All in favor.
    • Review of how much we pay for various services and discussed opening up bathroom cleaning to community
    • Review reinvestment fee allocation
Community Engagement Committee (20:21-20:24)
    • Water balloon activity reminder
Landscape (20:24-20:37)
    • Brad motioned to approve Rivendell's estimate for tree maintenance, removal, sod installation and mowing. Nathalie seconded. All approved.
    • Review of request allowing homeowner to plant on HOA property. Not approved
    • Brad motioned to approve bark replacement. Jeanette seconded. All in favor.
Fine structure (20:37-20:47)
    • Changes to each of the fine levels discussed and send notice to the community.
Architectural Approval (20:47-20:54)
    • Pool put in without approval
Things to include in June Newsletter (20:54-20:56)
    • Fine amounts to be discussed
    • Send a few days before the end of June
Next Board Meeting June 11, 7 pm at Harmons (20:56)
Next meeting agenda items (20:59-21:02)
    • Community events survey and improvements
    • Fine restructuring
Meeting adjourned (21:02)

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