June 2019 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes - Spring Creek HOA February Board Meeting 6/11/2019
Location: Harmons conference room, Lehi, Utah
  1. Open the meeting – Roll Call - 19:02
    1. Brad, Jeanette, Nathalie, Kyler all present
  2. Open forum for all in attendance 19:03
  3. Review Financials and Budget 19:03-19:25
    1. Review of atypical expenses
    2. Review of bids for cleaning
  4. Follow up on action items 19:25-19:40
    1. Results of Survey for HOA events
  5. CEC Committee 19:40-19:55
    1. Discussion of needs for Fourth of July activity
  6.  Landscape 19:55-20:15
    1. Plan for mulch on skylark park
    2. Progress on tree maintenance
    3. Common area discussion and plans for survey
  7. Architectural approval discussion 20:16
  8. Incremental fine structure 20:16-20:58
    1. Changes to each of the fine levels:
      1. “Fines are generally assessed only after two warnings have been issued. Each time a fine is assessed, notice of the fine shall be sent to the Owner describing the violations, stating the rule or provision of the Governing Documents that the Owner has violated, and stating that the owner may request an information hearing before the Board to dispute the fine within 30 days after the day the notice is sent.

        Fine Amounts: 1st fine: $50. Subsequent fines for Intermittent Violations: double the previous fine. Continuous violations after the first fine: double the previous fine every 10 days.”
      1. Jeanette motioned, Brad seconded, all approved
  9. Things to include in July Newsletter 20:58
    1. Fourth of July activity
    2. Possibly a link to the improvements survey
  10. Next board meeting schedule 20:59
    1. July 2, 2019 7 pm
  11. Next meeting agenda items 21:00
  12. Approve June meeting minutes 21:00
  13. Meeting adjourned 

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