August 2019 HOA Board Meeting

Spring Creek HOA Board Meeting 8/14/19
Location: Harmons Conference Room, Lehi, Utah

  • Open the meeting (19:42)
    • Present: Brad Smith, Jeanette Masters, Nathalie Woodhouse, Pat Parkinson
    • Absent: Kyler Stitt
  • Open forum for all in attendance (19:43)
    • No issues raised
  • Review financials and budget (19:44-20:35)
    • No HOA financed snacks provided at board meetings
    • Review of Prime Designs work
      • Thought we had agreed that the sod dump fees were included in the $10,000 bid
      • Look at retrofitting the sprinkler system
      • Look at getting bids for breaking out the sprinkler repair and lawn mowing
      • Create an inventory of what our sprinkler system is
      • Communicate with Prime Design and negotiate invoice to the hours that were agreed to
      • Future authorizations must include detailed information regarding approved work
  • Follow up on action items (20:35-21:04)
      • CEC - Review of past two activities and future needs
      • Review of Common Area amenities' survey
        • Pool or splash pad had the most requests
  • Landscape (21:04-21:07)
    • Discussion of Crack Willows still needing to be cut down
  • Architectural (21:07-21:12)
    • Are there some rules we want to say don't need approval? No
  • Things to include in September's newsletter (21:12-21:30)
    • Report on the results of the Common Area survey
    • Help clean up after activities reminder
    • "Did You Know" section - start with city park, then next time do a "this needs to be approved" piece
    • Talk about how to find out the rules
  • Next board meeting schedule (21:30-21:38)
    • September 17, 2019 7:30 pm
  • Approve August meeting minutes (21:38-21:45)
  • Meeting adjourned (21:45)

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