ARC Approval

Approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is required before any permanent or semi-permanent items can be built on your lot. This includes items requiring the pouring of cement, such as fences, decks, pergolas, driveways, etc. or even screwing a flag pole holder onto the side of your house. The sole exception to this is a small TV satellite dish on the side of the home.

No matter how straight forward the item or how many other houses have the exact same thing you want to do, the plans need to be submitted and approval given prior to beginning work so there is a record of it on file. Other owners should have followed this same process.

Approval process

  1. Obtain city permits for the project if required - check with the city for guidelines
  2. Draw up detailed plans - Should show lot boundaries, house, sidewalk, dimensions, item you want approved and distances related to closest house points, lot boundaries, etc.
  3. Submit plans to the architectural committee - through the website or in person. If submitting plans in person, have two copies on paper no larger than 11" x 17"
  4. Additional information may be needed from the architectural committee
  5. Receive approval or denial from the architectural chair - Approvals are given by returning a copy of the submitted plans with the architectural stamp of approval on them and the date they were approved
If you have questions about this process you can use the contact form on the right to reach the architectural committee or you can contact the architectural chair at any time.

While we try to work through issues with you before denying plans, that may not always happen. If your plans are denied a reason should be supplied. If you disagree with this decision you may contact the committee to work through the issue. You may also come to the board meetings and discuss the issue there with other members of the community.


The FAQ section will link you to more detailed information regarding each of these commonly submitted items so you can be prepared when submitting plans.

Driveways, RV Pads, walkways
Solar Panels

Submit Plans

Use the form below to submit your plans online. Once submitted you will hear back from us shortly to request any additional information or to give you an approval. If you have problems with the form, please use the contact form on the right to reach a member of the architectural review committee.

Driveways, RV pads, walkways

Gravel driveways are prohibited in the front yard or visible from the road, but will be permitted behind a side fence. RV Pads are permitted in front of the house and behind a fence. Walkways created with any cement type mixture must be approved whereas pavers do not need approval. Back to top.


There are three types of fences that are approved: tan vinyl, pre-cast concrete and black rod-iron. Each company may have a slight variation of tan so if you are choosing this option please submit a picture of the color (most common option in the neighborhood). Fences cannot be more than 6' in height. Any fence coming within 15' of the front property line may not exceed 4'. Back to top.


Pergolas that are larger than 200 Square feet or that are attached to the house require a building permit and approval by Lehi City in addition to approval from the board. Board approval can be obtained PRIOR to obtaining a building permit, as the board does not want you to spend money on something they will not approve. However, final approval will not be given and construction cannot begin until the HOA has received a copy of the building permit. If you obtain approval from the city prior to submission to the HOA, approval by the city does not constitute approval by the HOA. Approval from the HOA does not constitute approval of design integrity. Here are the guidelines to getting the design approved. Materials must be of a sound and durable quality, no soft woods, no metal roofs, it must be secured so as not to blow away, must be of a complementary color to the house, exposed hardware must be dark, a plot plan of your lot showing your home in relation to the proposed pergola must be submitted. Please submit any examples of what the pergola will look like when finished.  Back to top.


Only one shed is allowed on the property and it must be behind a fence. If building on the side of the house it will need to meet Lehi city setback requirements. Wood siding, stucco, hardi-board and plastic are all approved materials. The color of the shed must be in an earth-tone. Other colors that help it blend into its surrounding may be submitted for approval. Roofing materials must be 30+ year grade architectural shingles. The size of the shed may be no bigger than 12' x 16' with a sidewall height of 8' and a peak roof height of 12'. Back to top.

Solar Panels

Solar panels require a city permit before proceeding with installation. We require that your installer be licensed with the state. Solar panels may only be installed on the side and rear of the house if they blend in well with the roof. The color must help it blend in with the roof and shingles. Back to top.

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