Board Members

Brad Smith (President) - I have been married for over a decade to my beautiful wife Tiana and have one son. We moved to the neighborhood in 2012 and have served on the board since 2016. One thing I love about our community is that our whole family can go to the park and play tennis, have a picnic and run around. I am a project manager for Xactware and love to play sports, even though I don't get to do that as much as I would like. Email me

Jeanette Masters (VP) - I am mother of four sweet children, and wife of a supportive husband, Kirk. I am drawn to being involved in my community, schools, church and non-profit organizations. My interests include traveling the world with my family, playing board games, challenging exercise, dancing, singing, volunteering, and meeting new people. I know that no matter where life takes me, I will find goodness in those around me. Email me

Nathalie Woodhouse (Architecture) - My husband Brad and I moved our family to Spring Creek Ranch in 2015. We have loved living in this wonderful community with our 2 girls and 2 pups. Having grown up in Switzerland, I initially came to Utah as an exchange student in high school. After another 5 years back home I moved to Utah for good in 2005. For the past 10 years I have worked for Intermountain Healthcare where I am a data analyst, primarily supporting strategic planning efforts. When time allows, I like to get outdoors. Whether on a walk around our neighborhood or a hike in the mountains, I’m always amazed by the many beautiful aspects of the nature that surrounds us. I am beyond excited about the opportunity to serve as Architectural Chair on the Spring Creek HOA Board. Email me

Kyler Stitt (Secretary) - My wife and I have lived in the community for a little over a year now and have loved it. We have one baby girl born in January 2018, and we are excited to introduce her to the amazing area we live in! I work as the VP of Engineering at a local R&D company, Sustainable Energy Solutions. I enjoy making robots and fiddling with gadgets, and my wife and I enjoy hiking, camping, and going to as many national parks as we can. Email me

Pat Parkinson (Landscape Chair) I am originally from Ohio, served in the Army for three years after high school as a bandsman (I played the saxophone), and eventually made my way to Utah in 1981 to attend BYU, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Family Living and a Master's degree in Social Work. I have worked at Wasatch Mental Health for nearly 30 years. My husband,Tom, and I have been married almost 18 years (we each had a previous spouse who died from cancer), and we have four children and eight grandchildren between us. We have lived in Spring Creek Ranch for three years. I enjoy gardening, canning, sewing, board games, and playing the piano. Email me

Townhome Committee

Weston Hawkins - I'm originally from Colorado, but I've lived in Utah for the past 15 years. My wife, Kami, and I have been married for 9 years. We have three children, 4-year old Autumn and 3-year old Sterling, and baby Lincoln. I graduated from BYU in 2012 with a degree in Middle East Studies/Arabic. I currently work as an anti-money laundering analyst for American Express. I also do Thai translation and interpreting on the side. My favorite hobby is international travel. My wife and I particularly love traveling in Thailand and Japan. Email me

Dustin Latimer - I was born in Salt Lake City, and grew up in both Sandy and Park City. I went to Weber State University and the University of Utah. After graduation, I moved to several large cities after accepting several positions in the tech industry. Eventually, I moved home after accepting at I started as an account manager responsible for managing the supply-chain for a large number of drop-ship accounts. I also managed the Movie Department and the Luxury Watch department over the course of my ten years with the company. I also worked for five years at eBay as an account manager and two years with a company out of Boston called Here my responsibility was helping to integrate traditional Auction Houses (such as Sotheby’s) onto invaluable’s online platform. My tenure at ended with my diagnosis of end stage kidney disease. After 4 years I received a kidney transplant (thanks to my brother). I am not six months into my recovery, and I am getting ready to jump back into the workforce. I feel that my participation with this committee is a good first step integrating myself back into a normal life and look forward to helping manage a pleasant townhouse community. Email me

Alan Harenberg - I was born and raised in the Salt Lake City area and have lived here all of my life. I have had the opportunity to live most anywhere since I have traveled the world several times over many years. I choose this area because of the mountains, the family cabin, Lake Powell and family. I performed Search and Rescue at Lake Powell for 38 years for the US Coast Guard. My final occupation was in the restoration business where I rebuilt homes and buildings after fire, water, smoke and mold damage. I have found that people are the same no matter where you go and have enjoyed people everywhere. Take the politics away and we are all the same with the same wants and desires. I look forward to this opportunity to serve and expect to have a lot of fun. Email me