Board Members

Brad Smith (President) - I have been married for over a decade to my beautiful wife Tiana and have one son. We moved to the neighborhood in 2012 and have served on the board since 2016. One thing I love about our community is that our whole family can go to the park and play tennis, have a picnic and run around. I am a project manager for Xactware and love to play sports, even though I don't get to do that as much as I would like. Email me

Jeanette Masters (VP) - I am mother of four sweet children, and wife of a supportive husband, Kirk. I am drawn to being involved in my community, schools, church and non-profit organizations. My interests include traveling the world with my family, playing board games, challenging exercise, dancing, singing, volunteering, and meeting new people. I know that no matter where life takes me, I will find goodness in those around me. Email me

Nathalie Woodhouse (Architecture) - My husband Brad and I moved our family to Spring Creek Ranch in 2015. We have loved living in this wonderful community with our 2 girls and 2 pups. Having grown up in Switzerland, I initially came to Utah as an exchange student in high school. After another 5 years back home I moved to Utah for good in 2005. For the past 10 years I have worked for Intermountain Healthcare where I am a data analyst, primarily supporting strategic planning efforts. When time allows, I like to get outdoors. Whether on a walk around our neighborhood or a hike in the mountains, I’m always amazed by the many beautiful aspects of the nature that surrounds us. I am beyond excited about the opportunity to serve as Architectural Chair on the Spring Creek HOA Board. Email me

Melanie Davis (Secretary) - I moved to Spring Creek in 20017 and have been in love with our neighborhood ever since. I love the camaraderie and safety of the neighborhood, which is a big deal to me as a single mom of two boys and a scruffy Shih-Tzu dog, that you'll often see escaping under my fence despite my best efforts! I've spent my professional career in Project Management in network marketing and tech companies. Project Management, organizing, listing, and collaborating on big initiatives are my love languages. I have experience managing events, large initiatives and multi-million dollar budgets, which is why I feel qualified to participate on the HOA board. I believe the board should serve the needs of the neighborhood, and not their own personal needs or wants, and will work hard to represent the residents in the neighborhood to the best of my ability!. Email me

Les Badertscher (Landscape Chair) My wife and I have lived in the neighborhood for over 7 years. We have grown to love the community we live in and look forward to getting to know many more of our neighbors. Along with being a Realtor in this great community, I am a small business owner of a landscape maintenance company. I'm not necessarily a political man but I feel like I will bring some unique experience and perspective that will benefit the future management of our community. Email me

Townhome Committee

Brad Zook - My name is Brad Zook, and my family and I have lived in Quail Run since May 2016. I have a beautiful wife, a 4 year old girl and 1 year old son and we love the community. In my professional life, I spend every day working toward the success of my clients. That takes clear communication and a desire to see results. I think the same can be said in serving this community. Quail Run has a voice and it needs to be heard to ensure our "success" so to speak. I want to help be that voice for you. Email me

Shandi Hatfield - I've lived in the neighborhood for just over two years with my two rescue cats. I graduated from BYU with a BA in Public Health and currently work as an event manager at a start-up here in Lehi. I would love the opportunity to serve our community. Email me

Letha Marchetti - Letha Marchetti is an occupational therapist who specializes in neurodevelopment and trauma recovery. She speaks around the world, treats in her clinic and virtually. Her book, Dragons & Daisies, Keys to Resolve Baffling Behavior in Early Childhood Education, is a category best seller on Amazon. Letha is conscientious, wants QR to continue being a clean, well run, family friendly place with costs under control. Email me