There are times when the rules of the CC&Rs and related standards are not followed. Many times this is due to homeowners not understanding the rules of the HOA or what is a fineable activity. Yet to be fair to all homeowners, and to help ensure the CC&Rs are followed, fines are issued. To help alleviate frustrations when fines are issued and to clarify what constitutes activities that can be fined, we have created this page.


Fine amount for violations: $25-$250
Issued: Can be assessed without a warning as the CC&Rs serve as the warning.

Late fee: $20
Issued: Can be assessed every 10 days until the violation is brought into conformity. The exception to this is: only 1 late charge per month will be issued against the HOA dues.

All fines and late fees constitute a lien on the property (CC&Rs 6.9)

Download a copy of the Schedule of Fines for yourself

Common violations leading to fines 

  1. General Use and Maintenance
    1. Failure to adequately maintain the property in a clean and safe condition (CC&R 5.2)
    2. Exterior construction, alteration, fencing, painting or modification to any lot or residence without prior Board approval, except backyard grass, flowerbeds and tree plantation.
    3. Damage to common areas/property (plus the cost of repair CC&R 3.5)
  2. Home Construction
    1. Color changes to the house that aren't first approved by the architectural committee
    2. Windows covered with sheets, newspapers, towels and cardboard
    3. Not keeping exterior of dwelling (structural and non-structural) in good condition
    4. Failure to adhere to home Construction Standards
  3. Landscaping
    1. Failure to maintain property frontage in good condition 
    2. Landscaping modification without Board approval
    3. Failure to perform weed abatement
    4. Front yards not complete to standard within 6 months from home construction
    5. Front yard without an automatic sprinkler system
    6. Front yard without a tree
    7. Vegetable gardens not kept in back yard behind a fence and out of sight from the street
    8. Untrimmed trees and shrubs in the front yard
    9. Failure to adhere to all Landscape Requirements
  4. Noise and Nuisance
    1. Noise violations
    2. non-noise violations, including intimidation or threats
  5. Parking
    1. Gravel driveways not behind a side fence
    2. Trailers, boats or recreational vehicles parked in the driveway. Lehi city states that trailers can only be parked on the road during loading and unloading times
    3. Parking of any inoperable, unlicensed, or unregistered vehicle on property (or in common area parking) and/or any vehicle being used for storage.
    4. Keep the public sidewalk free of snow, toys and debris of any kind
  6. Fences
    1. Fences that are not approved or are out of compliance with size, material or color. See architectural chair for specifications
    2. Damaged fences not repaired or removed promptly
  7. Pets
    1. Animals unattended or unrestrained off-property
    2. Failure to pickup animal waste
  8. Trash
    1. Garbage, trash, or other waste not in proper container
    2. Trash/recycling cans left on, or visible from, the street more than two days after collection day
    3. Trash/recycling cans placed on the street more than 24 hours in advance of collection
  9. Littering on property and/or in common area
  10. Sheds not meeting specifications of size, color, materials and location. Consult with the architectural committee
  11. Outdoor storage of any kind on patios, porches or grass areas
  12. Pagolas not approved before installation
  13. Flagpole or flag holder installed without prior approval of the architectural committee
  14. Holiday lights setup prior to 6 weeks before December holidays and taken down after February

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