HOA Dues

Spring Creek Ranch tries to keep fees low for its members while still being able to make improvements to the community and keep the required reserve accounts fully funded.

HOA dues: $35 a month
Townhome dues: $175 in addition to the $35
Due date: 1st of each month
Late fee: $25, assessed each month of delinquency
Make checks payable to "Spring Creek Ranch HOA"

4 ways to pay dues

ACH Payment

  1. Download the form below in either the PDF or Word format
  2. Fill out the form completely
  3. Take a photo of a voided check
  4. Upload both files (form and voided check) below

Bill Pay

If your bank account is setup for bill pay you can add the HOA to your bill pay by following the instructions below. (Note: As each bank's steps may vary, please contact your bank for their specific steps on adding a vendor and what is needed)

  1. Add a vendor or payee manually as we don't show up in a pre-populated list, and fill out the fields as described below
  2. Payee Name: Spring Creek Ranch HOA
  3. Address: PO BOX 242, Lehi, UT 84043
  4. Phone: 801-610-9440
  5. Account Number: Lot xxx (replace "xxx" with your lot number)
  6. Name on bill: Homeowners name(s)


HOA dues paid by check should have the lot number written in the note field. If paying with cash you must include a slip with your name and lot number. Dues can be mailed to:

K&R Premier
PO BOX 242
Lehi, UT 84043


We have the benefit of having the president of K&R Premier residing in our neighborhood. As such, he has graciously added a secure drop-off box on his porch for those who want to save on postage and envelopes. His address is:

859 Grey Goose Rd.
Lehi, UT 84043

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