The following is a list of the planned initiatives. This list is subject to change based on the needs of the community.

1 - Reserve account fully funded

Spring Creek is nearly fully funded but the amount needed to stay fully funded increases each year. A major priority is to keep the account fully funded. This will be done throughout the year when funds allow.

2 - Improvements to sprinkler system

We are trying to improve our outdated and poorly working sprinkler system by adding a filtration system to each of the stations. We will also need to replace the timer system with newer equipment as our current system continues to present problems by constantly breaking down and needing repairs.

3 - Cleanup plan of new land by the creek

With the purchase of the land adjacent to the creek in 2017 it became the responsibility of the HOA and entire neighborhood to keep that area nice. Unfortunately it is in dire need of lots of TLC, more than our pocketbooks allow to be done in one year.

Much work has already been done to reduce the level of the stream by clearing out dead trees, garbage and other debris from in and around the stream. Our highest priorities are safety and restoration of a healthy ecosystem. This means the removal of the Russian Olive trees and dangerous Crack Willow trees, and the replacement of those trees removed with slow-growing and long lasting trees. We encourage those who have enjoyed the shade from these trees to plant trees in their own yard quickly so the impact from the removal of the Russian Olives and Crack Willows will be reduced.