Grounds Maintenance

Each season brings different items that need repair and maintenance. If you see an issue that you feel has been missed, please email the landscape chair, contact the board, or reach out to our management company.

Creek Area

We are constantly working on improving the creek. Our highest priority is safety, hence we will be removing a few Crack Willows every year and replacing them with slow-growing, long lasting trees.

Parks and Trails

Every couple of years the tennis courts and parking lots need to be resurfaced and painted, as well as new bark put in the playgrounds. The bathrooms, trash cans, and dogipot stations are cleaned on a regular basis.

Spring Maintenance

Fertilizing, lawn mowing, aerating, sprinkler repair, fixing flooding caused by the natural springs along the power line trail. The common area grass can tend to get long during times of heavy rain as it prevents it from being mowed. Due to the water pressure in the area and the many sprinkler stations, it isn't always possible to water in the morning and evenings when it is prime time (as this is when most of the neighborhood is also watering their lawns). Therefore there will be sprinklers running during the day.

Summer Maintenance

Lawn mowing and sprinkler adjustments, as well as making enhancements along the power line trail and the wetlands areas to prevent flooding or fix existing flooding. 

Fall Maintenance

Lawn mowing, fertilizing, aerating and preparing for winter.

Winter Maintenance

Snow removal and pipe repairs.