Prime Designs

Prime designs started managing the maintenance of the community in 2013 and is headed by Jon Price. Lawn maintenance is primarily performed between March and November and winter maintenance from November through February.

If you see an issue email the landscape chair, Dan Smederovac, contact the board through the form on the right or reach out to Kenny Wilson with our management company.

Spring Maintenance

When spring arrives it is time for them to check the sprinkler heads, set the timer, aerate, fertilize and check the wetlands areas, especially over by the power line trail and spiderweb park. Sprinkler heads regularly break and need repairs, not to mention the grass that needs to be mowed almost every week. Due to the water pressure in the area and the many sprinkler stations, it isn't always possible to water in the morning and evenings when it is prime time (as this is when most of the neighborhood is also watering their lawns. Therefore there will be sprinklers running during the day.

Summer Maintenance

Besides the regular grass cutting and fertilizing, this is typically the time that we need to make enhancements along the power line trail and the wetlands areas to prevent flooding or fix existing flooding. Don't be surprised if you see bulldozers around moving rocks or backhoes digging holes.

Fall Maintenance

We have typically wrapped up the major projects around this time of year so it should pretty much be the regular grass care, fertilizing, aerating, and preparing for winter.

Winter Maintenance

As mentioned above, Prime Designs also handles the snow removal during storms but other than that there isn't much they do. They have permission to drive their trucks on the trails in order to clear the snow.

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