Rules and Regulations

Homeowners Associations are governed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws and other supporting rules and regulations determined by the trustees, or the Board as they are commonly called.

CC&Rs and Bylaws are the foundation of what governs the HOA and can only be modified by the terms stated therein, which is 67% approval of the members of the HOA. If 67% of the members of the HOA do not approve a change then the CC&Rs and Bylaws cannot be modified.

Bylaws generally outline items for the trustees (the Board) such as the times for annual meetings and the roles of the Board.

Supporting rules and regulations are fluid and can be changed by a majority consensus of the board during board meetings. These rules can be anything from the kind of fencing you can have to the roof shingles allowed on the roof. A major reason to attend board meetings is so that you can have a voice in what the board discusses and passes.

One item the rules state is that you must get approval for any changes to your property, such as colors, additions, fences and even pergolas. Visit the architectural approval page to submit plans.

To view more on the different segments of rules, click on one of the links below.
The Construction standards and Landscape standards are the other standards set forth in the CC&Rs to be adhered to by members of the community. Please refer to these before obtaining permits from Lehi City or seeking approval from the architectural committee. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on these, please use the contact form on the right to reach the board, email a board member directly, or attend the next board meeting.

Download a copy of the Rules and Regulations for yourself

Construction Standards

The following represents the minimum exterior standards for homes constructed within the Spring Creek Ranch subdivision. All home designs must be reviewed, approved and stamped by the Architectural Review Committee of Spring Creek Ranch. Home designs and standards as stated herein are subject to final Lehi City approval.

  1. Exterior
    1. Minimum 80% hard surfaces on exterior (brick, stucco, rock and concrete based hardie-board materials)
    2. Brick, rock or wainscot minimum percentage shall be used on frontage of all homes
      1. Brick, hardie-board or rock may be massed upward on entries and corners in lieu of wainscot
    3. Brick, wood trim, hardie-board or stucco pop-outs shall border all front, side and rear windows and doors
    4. Brick, stucco, hardie-board or rock on fronts and sides of home
    5. Brick, stucco or hardie-board pop-outs around garages
    6. All pop-outs to be of a contrasting color from main house body
    7. Hardie-board panel is encouraged on house surfaces to contrast and accent stucco
    8. Bay windows on the fronts of homes are encouraged
    9. A minimum of 30-year architectural grade roofing shingles shall be used on the roof
    10. "Box" feel of two story units shall be avoided
    11. No similar homes immediately adjacent to or across the street
    12. Earth tone colors or others if approved by the architectural committee
    13. Construction to meet or exceed Lehi City Design Standards
  2. Railings
    1. Front porches with railings are encouraged
    2. Approved hand railing and front porch railing colors are white vinyl, tan vinyl and black rod-iron
  3. Driveways 
    1. Must be poured the full width of garages
    2. Gravel driveways are prohibited
  4. Fences
    1. Allowed fence types are tan vinyl, pre-cast concrete and black rod-iron
    2. Cannot attach to horse-style fence that exists on property edges
  5. Trash
    1. Construction trash bins to be located at every home construction site
    2. Construction materials and rubbish to be cleaned up daily around site and in garages
    3. No rubbish to be dumped on project site for any reason 
    4. Concrete excess to be removed off-site, no dumping allowed anywhere
  6. Other
    1. Construction site to meet or exceed OSHA standards
    2. Zero tolerance for infringement into designated wetland or habitat areas
    3. Builders to take directions from architectural chair, committee, board of directors or Community Manager
    4. Any other policies, standards or laws as may be implemented by Lehi City or the board of directors from time to time 
    5. Other standards or policies as may be contained in the CCR’s or bylaws
    6. Other standards or policies that might be contained within Lehi City Design Standards or Development Code
Substantial fines shall be imposed for serious infractions. Said fines shall be determined by the board of directors. Failure to pay fines and correct problems will result in removal of contractor or subcontractor from the project site.

Submit plans and elevations by using the architectural approval page and select "House design and elevation" for the "Item to be approved."

Landscape Design Standards

The following represent the minimum standards and policies for landscapes around homes within the Spring Creek Ranch subdivision. All landscape designs and standards are subject to final Lehi City approval.

  1. Soil
    1. All soil stockpiles must be stored in rear of home and then only for 6 months
    2. Excavated soils not to be used around home shall be removed within 6 months
    3. Excavated soils shall be placed around the development only in designated areas and then only as long as soils are required. All other to be removed from site
  2. Front yard
    1. Front yards must be rough graded within 6 months from foundation pour date
    2. Front yard to be sod from front edge of house to public sidewalk within 6 months from start of construction
    3. A minimum of 10% of front yard area shall be planted in shrubs and flowerbeds
    4. Front yard to have automatic sprinkler system
      1. Sprinkler systems shall be designed to maximize coverage and minimize water use and in strict accordance with Lehi City standards and policies
    5. One tree minimum in front yard of each lot 
    6. Front yard tree to be located in accordance with master landscape plan
    7. Front yard tree to be on Lehi City approved list of trees
    8. No fountains or pools without approval of Architectural Committee
    9. No depressions in ground or irrigation ditches of any kind
    10. Landscape edging shall be of approved quality and standard. 
  3. Other
    1. Lehi City or the Association Board may implement any other policies, standards or laws as from time to time. 
    2. Other policies or standards that may be contained in the CCR’s or Bylaws. 
    3. Other policies or standards that may be contained in Lehi City’s design standards or development code. 

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